10+ Top April Preschool Themes You Must Try This Spring

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These April Preschool Themes are super easy and a lot of fun for you and keeps your preschooler learning, exploring, and enjoying the wonders of spring, rebirth, and growth.

With a blend of fun and learning, this list of themes will sprinkle a love of learning in your littles.

From observing the wonders of budding gardens to celebrating Earth Day with eco-friendly crafts, these themes are meticulously designed to nurture curiosity, foster environmental stewardship, and help build mindfulness in preschoolers.

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Learning about weather turns rainy days into interactive classrooms, with the science of rainbows and cloud formations, while talking about seeds teaches them the patience and care of nurturing a garden.

Through Easter activities, children not only get to have a blast crafting, but also learn about renewal and traditions.

Then our favorite themes, like the bubbles and rain activities, blend science with wonder, turning simple lessons into memorable experiences.

That's why I love themes, because not only does it give your preschooler an amazing experience, and sows the seeds of lifelong curiosity, but it's also just plain incredible to see the wonder on their faces.

Celebrating Earth Day Every Day

Earth Day might be officially celebrated on April 22nd, but in our classroom, every day is Earth Day! This month, we're focusing on how we can take care of our planet. Activities like crafting an Earth Day Pledge Poster not only allow for creativity but also open discussions on why we need to protect our environment. Use recycled materials to create art, emphasizing the importance of recycling and reusing.

Hands-On Fun with Recycling

Recycling teaches the little ones the importance of sorting our waste.

Earth Day is a golden opportunity to introduce recycling projects, nature exploration, and outdoor learning.

Create a classroom recycling program by collecting empty food containers (be sure to talk about food allergies if this applies in your classroom) or my favorite place to find recyclable containers: the bathroom! This classroom recycling program teaches the little ones the importance of sorting waste. Incorporate a fun sorting game using items from your recycle bin. Who knew learning about recycling could be so much fun?

Easter Fun and Learning

If Easter isn't in April, it's usually within a week of April, so I felt comfortable adding it into this month. It's one of my favorite parts of spring because of all the colors, and I love any opportunity to give gifts.

Egg-citing Patterns and Sorting

Easter is not just about the Easter Bunny; it's a fantastic time to explore patterns, colors, and sizes. Use plastic Easter eggs for sorting and pattern-making activities. It's a great sensory activity and helps develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Hop Into Story Time

“The Easter Egg” by Jan Brett isn't just a story; it's an adventure into the world of beautifully illustrated eggs and a bunny's quest to find the most special one. It's the perfect story to spark imagination and discuss the themes of perseverance and creativity. I love how beautifully illustrated it is.

Have you tried an Easter egg learning hunt? Hide eggs with letters, numbers, or sight words inside. As they discover each egg, the thrill of the hunt mixes with the excitement of learning.

Butterfly Life Cycles

Watching the butterfly life cycle is always a hit in our class. Typically we start out our caterpillars in March or April, and then we can release them around May. They take anywhere from 3-5 weeks to complete their cycle and turn into butterflies, so keep that in mind when you're ready to get caterpillars.

Watch Them Grow

April is a fantastic time to explore the life cycle of a butterfly. Start with a Butterfly Life Cycle Write the Room activity, where kids can search for cards around the room that explain each stage of the butterfly's life. This interactive game was a hit in my classroom.

From Caterpillar to Butterfly Colors

This rainbow butterfly colors bingo set is also one of my favorites. There are loads of colors for the butterflies, and there are caterpillars as well. I love getting the color practice in while we play a fun game like bingo.

Exploring the Garden and Flowers

There’s nothing quite like getting our hands dirty and hearts full engaging in Garden planning and exploring the beauty of the Flower theme. Especially for little ones. Dirt? Count them in. Haha

Gardening and Fine Motor Skills

Grab these counting (1-10) clip cards to work on fine motor skills, counting, and number recognition.

Little Gardeners

Our little gardeners will get their hands dirty learning how seeds turn into plants. Starting seeds in egg cartons is not only eco-friendly (recycling for Earth Day!) but also a wonderful way to observe growth over time. Each child can have their own carton to care for, teaching responsibility and the basics of plant care. Need seeds that sprout quickly because you may have forgotten to grab them beforehand? I understand that! I always go with green beans, they look so cool, and grow super quickly.

The Story of a Seed

“The Tiny Seed” by Eric Carle is a must-read this month. After story time, engage the children in a discussion about the journey of a seed. This is a beautiful way to connect literature with real-world science, which helps them remember. It also comes with seeded paper to grow you own flowers with, so cool!

But what about those rainy days when the garden too muddy? Flower theme crafts come to the rescue.

Have students bring in lids from containers they've emptied, and set them out for kids to create a flower with.

Preschool Weather Wonders

It is so easy to talk about weather during spring, because it's so different from the weather we have been dealing with over the last few months. Instead of being cold, it's starting to warm up, you're starting to see a lot more rain, and rainbows. It's the perfect time to talk about weather and the water cycle.

Weather Spinner for Preschoolers

This spinner is my favorite thing to give my kids when we talk about weather, they will spin them and use them to talk about weather all day.

But it's not all about the observation; it's about experiencing it first-hand, and seemingly for the first time.

How about setting up a weather sensory table with water, ice, and maybe some cotton wool clouds? It's all designed to spark their curiosity and deepen their understanding of weather, and how it's different each month of the year.

Try creating a tornado in a bottle to talk about tornados, if that's something your students would love.

Rain and Water Cycle Experiment

Start by setting up a simple experiment to create ‘rain' indoors. All you need is a jar of hot water, a plate, and some ice cubes. Watch your preschoolers' eyes light up with wonder as they see the condensation process, simulating rain right before their eyes. It's a fantastic way to visually explain how rain is formed in the cloud and falls back to the earth.

Nurturing with Mindfulness

I love trying to find a way to incorporate mindfulness for kids into your daily routine.

Now, I know what you're thinking: “Mindfulness with preschoolers? Is that even possible?” Absolutely, and I'm telling you, it will change your life and theirs.

It teaches kids to stay in the moment, enhancing their focus and empathy, which are crucial skills not just in the classroom but in life.

Start with something simple, like a morning mindfulness session where everyone shares something they're grateful for. This sets a positive tone for the day and also encourages students to look for things to be grateful for to share with the class each day.

Another fantastic idea is to engage in mindful breathing exercises. This could be as simple as “smell the flower, blow out the candle.” These exercises help preschoolers learn to manage their emotions when they're outside of the emotion. This means when they become angry, sad, upset, or other emotions, they can learn to tap into that calming exercise they practiced in class.

Incorporating mindfulness activities doesn't just make for a peaceful classroom environment; it lays down the foundation for mindful, well-rounded individuals.

Bubbles Popping with Science and Fun

Ready for an absolute blast with bubbles? Bubbles and Fun is not just about watching those shimmering spheres float and pop; it’s about the magic of everyday science to spark curiosity in your tiny learners.

It all starts when you mix up a simple bubble solution together. This is your moment to talk about the science of bubbles – why they're round, how they reflect light creating those beautiful colors, and what makes them pop.

I like to take it a step further. How about crafting your own bubble wands from different materials found right in your classroom or home? This could be a treasure hunt for objects that will create the most unique bubbles. Encourage children to explore how different blowers create different bubbles.

Add some movement to your bubble theme by playing music and releasing bubbles, encouraging children to dance and pop as many bubbles as they can (without bumping into anyone). This promotes both physical activity and coordination.

Farm Animal Preschool Craft

These farm animal cut and paste crafts are my favorite way to bring farm animals into the classroom.

Farm Animals

Ready for a stampede of fun? Brace yourselves, because learning about farm animals is not only a chance to make adorable animal sounds but also to learn about their fascinating world. There are a few ways you can add farm animal themes into your April preschool lessons can turn your classroom into an exciting learning farmyard.

When I'm introducing a new theme, I love word walls and write the room activities. They offer a lot of support with vocabulary.

You can start out your crafts with a silly paper plate horse craft.

But why stop at crafts? Let’s get those tiny feet moving with “animal walks”. Have your preschoolers hop like bunnies or waddle like ducks – it's an absolute giggle-fest while they learn about animal movements.

My farm animal busy book is a great way to use farm animals to work on skills like matching, finish the sequence, puzzles, and more.

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Decorative banner for 'Preschool April Themes' with whimsical lettering surrounded by a colorful pattern of rainbows, clouds, and raindrops, suggesting a springtime theme. The image features 'bethannaverill.com' at the bottom, indicating a resource for preschool educators planning for April activities.

Did I forget any? Leave a comment below, and let me know.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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