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Ocean Movement Cards for Preschoolers

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Inside: Summer movement cards featuring ocean animals.

Welcome to day 4 of my 10 Days of Summer Printables for Preschoolers!

Today, I am excited to be sharing with you my ocean themed movement cards FOR FREE! You'll get two pages with six movement cards on each page, so a total of twelve movement cards!

The summer is just around the corner, and it's time to start preparing your kids for a fun filled season. What better way to do this than with some movement cards! Movement cards are a great way to get your child up and moving while they're at home or on vacation.

Ocean themed movement cards for preschoolers

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What you'll need to get started with your movement cards free printable:

-The free printables (OF COURSE!)

A laminator You want to keep these printables around as long as you can, so I recommend laminating the pages so you can get the most use out of these printables.

Scissors– You'll need to cut out each movement card.

Pocket Cube– I like to put movement cards into a cube like this, so they can roll and do the activity the dice lands on.

Don't forget to grab a book from our list of top ocean books for preschoolers to take these movement cards to the next level!

PIN for later:

Ocean Movement Cards pin image with a blue wavy paper on the background

Prepare Your Summer Movement Cards Printable:

-gather supplies

-laminate and then cut out the movement cards.

-add them to your dice.

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How to use Ocean Movement Cards for Preschoolers Printable

The easiest way to use this printable is to use it as a deck, and pick one card, then do the activity it portrays.

This helps keep the kids off the couch, so you can tire them out, even if they're stuck inside all day.

Adapt Summer Movement Cards Printable For Younger Kids

I love these cards for younger kids, they can look at the pictures and do whatever they want to represent this. You can read the card to them, or they can use them to identifyand act out the animal they see.

Adapt Beach Movement Cards Printable For Older Kids

Another fun way to use this printable for older kids is to make teams, then play charades. My kids are always super giggly when we play charades with them. Give it a try!

Other Ways to Learn with These Beach Ball Summer Alphabet Puzzles

Talk about the animal represented in each card. What do you think a jellyfish looks like when it's in the water?

We love talking about printables, and asking them as many questions as we can think of. They ALWAYS return the favor, and ask lots of questions to us, and we love the conversations and learning that follows.

What Will Kids Learn?

This one is more about moving, rather than learning!

Get the Printable Here

Have you seen my beach day busy book yet? It has a few of these printables I gave you this week, but it has SO MUCH MORE, like color matching, tracing, find motor skills, and mazes. It's a power punch of 39 pages, and I know you'll love it. Go ahead and take a look, and let me know what you think!

Be sure you check out our full collection of summer themed printables in the shop!

For more free printables this week, be sure to check out this post with links to all of the freebies.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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