Preschool Shapes Poster Printable: Watercolor Classroom Decor You’ll Love

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Inside: Grab this Preschool Shapes poster printable set to encourage easy shape learning for preschoolers!

Shapes are an important preschool concept that children should learn as early on as possible. Using shapes posters in preschool is a great way to reinforce this idea. Printable preschool shapes posters are easy for teachers, parents, and caregivers to use in their classrooms or homes.

Setting up preschool shape posters in a classroom or homeschool room is an easy way to help support your little one's learning. Simply print out these preschool shapes posters, tack them up on the wall or cabinet doors, and you're ready to go. I love surrounding my child with different things they can learn about and I expect them to know. When they look around and see a star, they'll remember it from their classroom.

They're also great on doorways into and out of classrooms. Using these preschool shapes posters will help you keep learning at the forefront of your preschooler's mind.

Preschool Shapes Poster Printable with a red watercolor star poster and a blue and lilac circle poster

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Benefits of Using Printable Posters in the Classroom or Homeschool Room

Posters are great to use in a preschool classroom because they're so fun and engaging. When we talk about shapes– for example which shape has NO corners, their little eyes can look around the room and come to the answer themselves. Kid's love being able to explore the classroom and find their own answers.

They can help children learn and remember their shapes, and with these beautiful printables, they'll be able to see different colors as well.

Supplies for Preschool Shapes Poster Printable and Learning about Shapes:

Shapes are so fun for kids to learn about. You can see shapes everywhere in life.

The first thing you'll need is to grab the printable shapes posters.

Click the image below to be taken there now, then come back and learn more about how to teach shapes to your students.

Watercolor Shape Posters for Preschool Classroom

A laminator These are easiest to use sticky tack on when they are laminated. If you plan to tack them to the wall, pin them, or even just tape them, the best way to keep them looking new and beautiful is to laminate them!

Sticky Tak– If you're a teacher you very likely already know about Sticky Tak, Fun Tak, or any other brand of mounting putty. It's amazing for using on painted concrete (like most classroom walls), and it's not terribly expensive. After you laminate these posters it's simple to pull apart some putty, roll it around in your fingers, and then stick it to the wall. It's reusable, doesn't damage the wall, and a dream come true if you haven't heard of it yet!

What is included in this Shapes Printable Set?

Watercolor shapes! I just love them.

There are ten pages to print with this set: star, oval, square, pentagon, heart, triangle, trapezoid, rectangle, rhombus and circle. Each shape is it's own page, and each page is a different color.

Maybe you're a huge fan of watercolor, because it's so loose and beautiful, or maybe you just wanted something perfect and already created that you could use. Either way, you'll find exactly what you need in this set.

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How Do You Explain Shape to a Child?

Learning about shapes is an essential prerequisite to learning about geometry when preschoolers are older, but it's also important to learn shapes as a way to express themselves when describing objects around them.

For example, you might need a child to explain which toy they wanted to play with, and they would need to describe it “the boat with the circle windows on the side”.

A great way to learn about shapes is to use them in every day life. “I love the star on your shirt”, or “do you want rectangle or circle cheese today?”. Start talking about them now, whatever stage you are in your child's education, and keep them in the conversation.

Explaining shape to a child is quite simple. When you talk about shapes, explain how each one looks, or have them explain to you.

A star has five points, a square has four. Circles are round with no points at all. Have your child explain what the shape looks like, and use their words back to them to explain how you can define each shape. Ask them about shapes all the time, and use numbers and specifics to describe them. “wow, this cup has a very round bottom, do you know what we call that?” is one way you can talk about shapes.

How to Teach Shapes to Preschoolers

Shapes are important to learn in preschool to start your child on a path of success, here are some tips and tricks to get them started.

Start with shapes they already know, circles are normally quite simple for toddlers, and they love the shapes like hearts and stars — because their clothes often have them all over.

I love having shapes all around my classroom, which is why I use these printable shape posters.

Classroom posters for shapes

Shapes Flashcards Printable For Kids

Maybe you just want to have a smaller printable your child can hold in their hand. In that case, I recommend this adorable summer shapes printables. It's a free printable you can go grab on this post:

Grab your summer shapes printable by clicking here.

It's a favorite in our house. I've put these little cuties into dry sensory bins, we have played go fish, my son named their circle one “SphealCrab” because we have a running joke of my love of Spheal, the happy little bouncy ball Pokemon.

Identifying Shapes is a Skill They'll Need in Kindergarten

Missing Anything?

Here are all the posts I talk about shapes in, find everything you need here!

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