7 Preschool Scissor Skills Worksheets So Awesome They’ll Want to Practice

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Inside: Preschool Scissor Skills Worksheets for practicing fine motor skills all year long!

Scissors may be a preschooler's favorite art supply, but it takes time to teach them how to use scissors properly. Providing scissor worksheets for preschool is a great way for children to practice their scissor skills without causing damage to furniture or themselves.

Learning to use scissors allow preschoolers to practice their fine motor skills and work on hand-eye coordination, important skills to begin writing correctly. They are also a great way for parents to help increase the independence of their children, while also fostering self-confidence in them.

There are some important lessons to teach children about scissors before you begin allowing them to be used in the classroom or at home.

Scissor Skills for Preschoolers Worksheets

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Teaching Kids How to Hold Scissors

It is important to teach kids how to use scissors properly so they will not hurt themselves or others around them.

A few things we should teach all students:

Close scissors when you are done using them
How to hold scissors when walking with them
How to safely hand scissors to another person
The smaller hole is for your thumb, and the larger hole is for your fingers
Scissors are a tool, not a toy.

As the adults, it's important we give them to best resources to learn with. Make sure you give them safety scissors at first, or blunt nosed scissors to reduce their likelihood to accidently hurt themselves or others. Here are a few options:

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Above I've linked different scissors you can use with your child. The first is a set of scissors with a comfy handle, the second is a set of safety scissors. The last is a set of left handed scissors. If your child is struggling a lot with holding scissors correctly, it's possible they are left handed.

My child is left handed and it was a game changer for him when we purchased him left handed scissors. We thought he was just stubborn, or doing things wrong on purpose. Don't be like me! Just buy the left handed scissors!

Helpful Supplies for Scissor Skills Worksheets

As always, I recommend putting all of this together ahead of time to keep the unnecessary chaos out of our lives. It's exciting to get new printables, so make sure you print them all ahead of time! My main scissor skills worksheet set is over one hundred pages!

I like to print the whole packet before I even bring it out to my children. I don't want them impatiently waiting at the printer, or grabbing things before they're ready.

If you're doing these at home or in the classroom, I recommend getting everything put together the night before.

These are so easy to put together, but you don't want to have any added stress so gather your supplies and print them off.

Here is the list of everything you need.

-The printable (OF COURSE!) grab it here: Prewriting Practice Sheets for Preschoolers

-Scissors- I have always had a difficult time with letting my kids use scissors, but since my son has been home for preschool this year, we have embraced the scissor skills, even though I'm still genuinely terrified he will find them and cut off his beautiful curly hair. We all fear kids with scissors, right?

See? I told you it's not that much! You can do this!

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Scissor Skills for Preschoolers Worksheets

How to Use Preschool Scissor Skills Worksheets

I'm probably going to say this a thousand times, but these scissor skills worksheets are SO easy, you'll have no issues with them. Cutting practice with preschoolers can be the easiest part of your day! They're self explanitory, they're simple and easy. They're perfect!

Just print it off.

Looking for more scissor skill worksheets? Grab this one free!

If this is your child's first time with scissors, make sure you're going over the important things we talked about earlier in this post. Always have the blades facing the ground when walking with scissors, make sure they're closed while you're not using them, and they are not toys. Scissors are a tool we use while learning.

What Skills Do Scissors Develop?

Cutting things for the first time takes a lot of patience. Students will be using muscles they have not used much before, so it's common and easy for their hands to get tired quickly.

The muscles they develop when cutting will help them when it's time to begin writing. Using scissors will help your child work on their fine motor skills and coordination.

Other similar activities that work the same muscles are things like using tweezers to work on their pincher grip, or using a q-tip to dot around a letter.

Using this Printable with Your Children

There are TONS of ways to use these, I left them open to be able to be used in several different ways to make sure they work for every family.

Interested in more fun printables? Check out my shop, where you can find SO much more than what I offered here! Thank you for supporting my family.

Other Fun Ways to Use These Cutting Practice Worksheets for Preschoolers

Here are a few ways to use these printables besides just using them to practice cutting with your children:

Dab around the lines using q-tips
Use stickers to “trace” the lines
Go on a nature walk and collect things to use to trace the lines, like pine needles, tiny acorns, or twigs
Markers, colored pencils, or crayons are a simple way to color or draw on the lines
Play Dough! Use your fingers to mold the dough into the letter represented, or make small balls, and use them to “fill in” the letters.
Use pom poms in a pattern to “trace” the line (blue, green, blue, green)
Put duplos on top of the lines to create your own lines
Have a small car use the lines as “roads”
Use the lines as a template to create your own shapes and letters
Create different faces in the circles, or other shapes. How many different animals can you make?

Other Ways to Learn with Tracing and Cutting Worksheets

We encourage a lot of questions and discussions, and the different pages can give you lots of topics to talk about.

A big topic in our house recently has been numbers. Take two of the number pages and talk about which one is a bigger number, can you count from the smaller number to the larger number?

On the letter tracing pages, each page has three objects that begin with that letter. So a has an apple, axe and ant. We talk about what those objects are, then we talk about what color they are or can be (did you know ants can be red, black, or even brown?) and other discussions like that.

There are so many different ways to bring learning into your every day life with your child.

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Colorful prewriting practice sheets by Beth Ann Averill

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