Preschool Earth Day Worksheets

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Earth Day is a lesser known holiday that may be just as important as the more popular ones. It is observed every April 22. It's a day to really consider and appreciate all the planet's environment does for the people and animals living on it.

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It is a worldwide holiday for over 175 countries, so it isn't just something we do here in the USA. It was started back in 1970 by a Wisconsin senator who wished to raise more awareness for issues within our environment, such as pollution, energy and water waste, and climate change.

You can develop an entire lesson plan around Earth Day for preschoolers. Or you can just do a few activities to introduce the importance of our planet. There are many fun ways you can show them how good planet Earth really is to us!

How do you teach earth day to preschoolers?

Real world connections are great for teaching young learners about Earth Day. They won't likely understand climate change and other science concepts just yet. But, you can still get them outside and show them the benefits of loving our planet.

You can also read books about Earth to preschoolers. This provides a fun way to encourage reading as well as an appreciation for the environment. I really like books designed for young kids that also teach them new things, like “I am Earth” and “Earth Ninja”.



You can also download a variety of worksheets for preschoolers that are centered around Earth Day. We have a couple activities perfect for the occasion later in this post.

What are some activities for earth day for preschoolers?

Getting your preschoolers out in nature is a terrific way to teach about Earth Day. Hands on activities keep little kids engaged and learning. The following are great outdoor activities you can do with your children to promote Earth-friendly living:

  • Go for a nature walk and spot different birds, flowers, and trees that rely on the earth
  • Start a small classroom or backyard garden with your kids
  • Do a “trash hunt” around your neighborhood or a local park and pick up litter
  • Plant a tree with your kids to provide more habitats for animals as well as give off oxygen we all need
  • Begin recycling to show how we can reuse materials

In the classroom – or at home – there are other activities you can do to teach preschoolers about Earth Day. Reinforce the three R's while you do these activities: Recycle. Reduce. Reuse.

  • Teach your children about energy conservation. Create reminder signs for every light switch in the home, so no lights are left on when someone leaves the room.
  • Discuss the importance of not wasting water either. Show them how you only wash dishes or laundry when you have a full load. Remind them to turn off the faucet while brushing their teeth rather than letting it run the entire time.
  • Create recycle bins for your children to toss their plastic and paper trash.
  • Let them do an art activity where they create something new by reusing old materials, such as cereal boxes, tissue boxes, egg cartons, etc.
  • Enjoy Earth Day preschool worksheets, like the ones we offer below!

Why do we celebrate earth day for preschoolers?

It is important that we still a love for our planet early on. Your little ones will be the future generation who needs to take care of the Earth and its resources. If they always know WHY, they will learn to appreciate the world and all it gives us.

Planet Earth does so much for us, we should teach our children how to treat it with kindness. You want the environment they grow up in to be safe and plentiful. Start when they are young, teaching them just how to preserve the world around them.

Earth Day Sorting Activity

This fun Earth Day preschool activity is perfect for reinforcing colors, sorting, and recycling. You can promote Earth Day conversation while your children have fun sorting the different cards by color. Letting the kids cut out the different boxes also supports good fine motor skills.

Preschool Earth Day Worksheets 

This large pack of worksheets focuses on Planet Earth in a way preschoolers can understand! Lots of matching, sorting, and handwriting supported within this 27-page pack.

Use these Earth Day Preschool Worksheets along with other activities mentioned in this post to really drive home the importance of our planet and how we must do all we can to protect it.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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