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I see you struggling with creating a TpT store. You have loads of ideas, but just need a little design help.

So many creators struggle with how to make their products pretty, and I'm here to help. I've been creating templates every week for almost two years to help you achieve a thriving educational printable business without burning out and giving up.

Give me those templates!

Graphic with bold title '10 things you NEED TO KNOW before starting your TPT STORE' in front of a background with colorful rainbows. Below the title, there are five visible text blocks numbered from one to five, with tips for starting a Teachers Pay Teachers store, but the specific content is not fully visible.

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Do you struggle with . . .


Lack of time to create a product from start to finish?


Creativity? How do people create an entire store full of products, and I can't put together one.


Getting sales? What even sells on Teachers Pay Teachers?

Let's get down to business

Here's what we offer


No more staring at a blank screen—our plug-and-play templates get you creating and launching your products with ease so things get out of your head and into your store.

As a member, you'll receive fresh templates and tutorials each week. This way you can can stay at the forefront of the market.

Video Walkthroughs

Learn the ins and outs of PowerPoint, my design platform of choice, and how to set up and manage your TpT store. Let's turn those creations into profit!


Learn my secrets of creating awesome printables using PowerPoint, and then learn to sell them on Teachers Pay Teachers. After that, you can learn about listing them on Etsy.

These step-by-step courses will make you a design pro in no time!

It's as easy as 1-2-3!

Hi! I'm Beth Ann!

I call myself the Princess of PowerPoint.

I help moms create the beautiful printables you see on this site, and beyond.

My tutorials are step by step so you know exactly how to create them, list them on TpT, Etsy, or your own site, and create an income from them.

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