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Thanksgiving Food Lacing Card Activities for Preschool Fine Motor Skills

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Inside you'll find the most adorable Thanksgiving Food Themed Lacing Cards for practicing fine motor skills with preschoolers you've ever seen.

Are you looking for a cute and engaging way to help your child practice their fine motor skills this Thanksgiving?

These Thanksgiving Food Lacing Cards are the perfect activity to do together. They’re themed around the food we serve on Thanksgiving, but they are big puffs, and they're SO cute.

The art on these remind me of Squishmallows!

Lacing cards have been around forever, but recently they've gained some popularity as a hands-on way to talk about the curriculum.

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As Thanksgiving approaches, you're on the hunt for engaging activities that not only entertain but also educate. Thanksgiving Food Lacing Cards provide a perfect blend of fun and learning.

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Your child will love lacing up these Thanksgiving foods lacing cards with you. It’s such a great way to spend time together while also helping them develop important skills that they need later on for writing.

I love these lacing cards on Thanksgiving Day! What a perfect way to occupy their little hands while you are cooking, baking, and doing all the things.

Thanksgiving Food Lacing Card Activity: A Creative Way to Boost Fine Motor Skills

Understanding Fine Motor Skills

Before diving into the specifics of the Thanksgiving Food Lacing Card Activity, it's crucial to understand what fine motor skills are and why they're important for children. Fine motor skills involve the use of small muscles in the hands and fingers.

They are essential for tasks such as writing, buttoning, and cutting.

What the heck are lacing cards? Learn more here

Lacing cards allow preschoolers to practice their fine motor skills and work on hand-eye coordination. They are also a great way for parents to help increase the independence of their children, while also fostering self-confidence in them.

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Once your child understands how to do one set of lacing cards, they'll be able to do them all! Best of all, they can do them independently, and practice their pincher grip any time.

These happy lacing cards can be used as a fun activity with kids that will keep out of the kitchen and happily playing on their own.

My kids love taking the characters of lacing cards, and creating a story around them.

Printable lacing cards are an activity that's great for developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It also helps with hand strength and figuring out just how your hands and muscles work, an essential prewriting skill, which comes later for most preschoolers and toddlers.

My cute Thanksgiving foods lacing cards are great for preschoolers who aren't quite ready to begin learning to write. Prewriting skills are so important in their developing brains, and using a pen or marker and paper aren't the only ways to flex those pre-writing muscles.

Lacing Cards Thanksgiving, set of 18 lacing cards. Two papers with lacing cards displayed, including a corn peeking out of the husk, and a turkey leg.

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What Do You Need For Thanksgiving Lacing Cards

Lacing cards are a little different than normal for me. Normally, I like to get all of the laminating and cutting out of the way before I bring this out to them.

But these are great to work on cutting skills because they're big, so I'm okay with just printing this out for them ahead of time.

If your little one is at home with you, I recommend using yarn for lacing instead of shoestring because it’s MUCH easier to find, and when you do find it, it will be higher quality (and less expensive!). I have such a hard time finding good strings locally.

You can purchase inexpensive skeins of yarn that will last for many projects from Michaels. Wrap the ends with tape to reduce fraying, making them easier to work with. This way they'll act more like a shoe string, and be easier to put through the holes.

I love using buttons to reinforce lacing too.

You can purchase packages of large buttons that are perfect for preschoolers (and toddlers). These will last through several holiday-themed activities and they’re big enough not to present a choking hazard for our older friends (but always keep an eye on them, of course!)

Tie a knot through the buttons to give students an “end” to their string, so they know where to stop.

What do you need for these lacing cards?

  1. Printable Lacing Cards: These are the core of the activity, so of course you can grab this before beginning. You'll have a PDF file with the Thanksgiving-themed food items to print out. Thanksgiving Foods Lacing Cards
  2. Laminator and Laminating Sheets (Optional): For durability and repeated use, laminating the printed cards is a great idea. This is optional but recommended, especially if you plan to use these cards multiple times or with multiple kids.
  3. Hole Punch: Once the cards are printed (and laminated, if you choose), you'll need a hole punch to create holes around the edges of each card. These holes are where the children will thread their laces.
  4. Laces or Yarn: You'll need shoelaces, yarn, or any sturdy string that can be easily threaded through the holes in the cards. If you're using yarn, it might be helpful to tape the ends to prevent fraying and make lacing easier for little hands.
  5. Scissors: If you're using yarn or need to adjust the length of any laces, having scissors on hand is essential.
  6. Storage Bag or Box: To keep the lacing cards and laces organized and easily accessible, consider having a dedicated storage bag or box.

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Thanksgiving Lacing Cards

How to Use Thanksgiving Lacing Card Activities at Home

These lacing cards are easy peasy to use.

If you have a laminator available, simply laminate the cards before use so they will last longer. This is the perfect way to ensure your Thanksgiving Fine Motor Skills Sewing Cards can be used again next Thanksgiving, or that they will last through the evening.

If you're using these in the classroom, print off a set of cards and let each child have their own card. This set has 18 different objects to lace, so depending on the size of your classroom, you may need to print these off twice.

You can also create task boxes, by printing them all, laminate, cut them out, hole punch, and store them in the boxes with a few shoelaces. To ensure children can access them easily and independently.

Preparing your Printable for Use

  • Print the lacing cards on heavy cardstock (grab your printable here)
  • Laminate then cut them out, leaving a little space around each object (notice the super pretty background, you want that all the way around your lacing card)
  • Hole punch to punch the holes. Once the holes are punched, tie a knot in one end of a shoelace or lacing string. Another option is to tie a button to the end of one side of the string.

Using Your Printable Thanksgiving Lacing Cards

Are these lacing cards reusable?

Yes, but it's up to you! If you laminate them, you can reuse. Once you purchase though, you can re print them as many times as you'd like!

What age group is this activity best suited for?

Preschool is best, but you can enjoy lacing cards at any age!

Can lacing cards help with prewriting?

Absolutely! That's their main gig. They aid in developing the little fine motor muscles and coordination needed for writing.

How long does it take to complete one card?

It varies. Some children are happy to play with lacing cards for a long time, others will speed right through and spend just a few minutes on each. (with 18 options, that's still quite some time!!)

Are there any additional materials needed for this activity?

Besides the cards, you'll need laces or yarn.

Can you use this activity in a group or classroom?

Yes. It's great individually or in a classroom. Once you teach little ones how to use lacing cards you can use them with any theme!

Ready to grab yours now?

Get the Thanksgiving Food Lacing Cards Printable Here

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Thanksgiving lacing cards image with corn still in husk and apple pie lacing cards.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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