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Benefits of Lacing Cards for Preschoolers: What are They and Why Should You Use Them?

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Inside: Lacing Cards are an amazingly important activity you can use to help with the growth and development of preschoolers. These fine motor skills help flex those muscles children use in so many ways each day.

Lacing cards are used to work on fine motor skills in preschoolers. These cards can be created for so many different themes, making them versatile and fun.

They're so easy to make, and require minimal supplies, making them super easy for busy (or overwhelmed) moms

Let's get started.

benefits of lacing cards for preschoolers

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What is a Lacing Card?

A lacing card is an object with holes around the outside that students can put a string through. Click here to see an example of a lacing card printable.

They're pretty popular in preschools, homeschools, and daycares because they're a quick and easy activity for preschoolers to work on some key skills in their development.

What Do Children Learn From Lacing?

Lacing cards are a great way to improve fine motor skills and hand eye coordination in toddlers and preschoolers. They are a great educational and developmental activity, too.

They work on the super important pincer grasp and bilateral coordination for preschoolers, you can learn more about the pincer grasp by clicking here.

My favorite thing about lacing cards is how easily you can adapt them to any theme you're working on. I have cards for every season and every holiday. They're a great tool for independent learning, as well as introducing a new theme.

When we are ready to talk about Halloween, I get out the Halloween costumes lacing cards, and we talk about the different characters they see, what they would like to be for Halloween, and which costume is their favorite.

Looking for more lacing cards? Try these:

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Is Lacing Fine Motor Skills?

They sure are! They are associated with what's called the pincer grasp, which is basically using your index finger and thumb to pick up or manipulate things.

In their every day life, this fine motor skill is important for doing things like puzzles, putting food in their mouth, and buttoning their pants or shirt.

As one of the building blocks of childhood development, it's so important to work on pincer grasp, and this activity is GREAT for working on it.

What are the Benefits of Lacing Cards for Preschoolers?

The main benefit of lacing cards is working on pincer grasp, but I've found some more benefits that I think are just as important.

Here are a few of our favorite activities:

Excitement about learning with cute and colorful printables
Hand eye coordination
The ability to sit down and focus on something
Patience and perseverance
Knowledge of the theme represented in the lacing card set

I LOVE lacing cards for so many reasons, but the excitement it brings to our new topic is my favorite.

The added versatility of being able to introduce these cards in the car, on my way to the grocery store, or my kids being able to use them independently can't be ignored either.

Sometimes I just want a few minutes to myself, and these help with that.

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How to Make Your Own Lacing Cards

To make them yourself, you can use cardstock, leftover Amazon boxes, or even some leaves they found outside.

Have your child draw a picture, shapes, or anything really! Cut it out, and hole punch around the perimeter, and supply your child with some shoe strings, and you're ready to go!

I have found laminating these really adds to the replay value. You can use them over again, or with multiple children. Plus, it makes them more durable to avoid bending / wrecking.

What if you don't want to do cards, but you still want to practice lacing? I got you too.

DIY Lacing Activity Ideas

Sometimes you're just not feeling the lacing cards, or you don't want to put in the work. I get it, we all have days like that. Here are a few ideas for lacing activities.

Foam sheets are flexible and easy to use as lacing cards
Pool Noodles
Grab a cookie cooling rack and weave ribbon through it
Dry noodles and pipe cleaners
Pipe cleaners and a colander

Cut up pool noodles are such a fun way to practice the dexterity needed for lacing. Cut them up into “beads” and give kids giant string like a clothesline to put into the giant beads.

You can add letters or numbers to the side of each noodle to make it a bit more educational.

My kid's favorite lacing activity is pipe cleaners and a colander. Sometimes we add those large wooden beads somehow every household has. (click here to check them on Amazon if you don't have them already)

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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