Watercolor Four Seasons Flashcards Printable Set

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Inside: The most beautiful Four Seasons Flashcards Printable you have ever seen! You'll love the realistic watercolor illustrations featured on these cards.

Are you looking for a beautiful and easy to use printable to talk about seasons with your toddler or preschooler? Look no further, because these flashcards are amazing and beautiful, and you'll be so glad you grabbed them.

Can't wait, and want to grab it now? Grab your seasons flashcards and more printable, or click the image below.

Watercolor Four Seasons Flashcards Printable Set seasons of the year shop |

What is included?

Montessori style three part cards featuring the season's name as well as a deciduous tree to give a visual representation of the season
Four posters with different seasonally themed images such as: butterflies and flowers for spring; sand castles and flip flops for summer; snow and winter clothing for winter; and leaves and pumpkins for autumn
16 images students can cut out and sort by season
Word tracing featuring the seasonal tree and the name of each season for students to trace
Season wheel: Each season is in the middle, represented by its seasonal tree, the outside of the circle is tree different sections where the month is shown. This helps students understand how each season is three months.

The wheel also has a black and white version if you'd like students to cut out the pieces and rearrange them for different areas of the world.

Four Seasons Flashcards Printable

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When Should I Start Using These Season Flashcards?

As I see it, there is no day like today, so if you have a preschooler right now, start now.

A good understanding of seasons is a great life lesson for students, and it will help them appreciate the climate they live in even more.

Students from New York might think winter lasts most of the year, while students in Texas might see summer as the longest season.

When students see the visual of the wheel, and can see and touch the three months for each season they'll understand a little better that each season is short, and they can enjoy them more.

Another way to use these cards is with a sensory bin. Put the cards into colored rice (pink blue and purple would match the printable SO WELL), and have them find the three parts and put them together again.

Three part cards are important in early education because it gives them a different way to see and understand the information in front of them. This makes it easier for children to master the information.

How Do You Introduce Seasons Picture Cards to Kids?

Introducing new subjects to kids is one of my favorite things to do.

For a preschool setting, we introduce seasons at circle time. I love talking about seasons with children during spring or fall, when the season is very clear and kids are generally spending more time outdoors.

We talk about the colors outside, and the trees we see. Are the leaves falling? Are they pretty colors? What are some things we can do outside?

Once we have introduced and talked a bit about seasons and the pretty colors we see when we look at nature outside, I then introduce the cards. These four seasons flashcards are a beautifully illustrated way to see the difference in trees outside, and talk about what each season means.

I love introducing new subjects with books, this is a great book we use to talk about seasons in circle time:

A Tree for All Seasons by Robin Bernard

A Tree for All Seasons is great introduction for these flashcards because it follows a maple tree through the seasons, and you can really see the beauty of nature.

Are Four Seasons Flashcards Printable Worth It?

Children are sponges, they'll soak up everything around them, including your feelings about seasons. So if you have no nice words to say about winter, they will repeat that to others.

Look for opportunities to ask your child about their favorite season, and what they'll love to do outside when the trees look a certain way.

Flashcards and three part cards are another tool for you as a teacher or parent to talk about seasons. I recommend going above these cards and doing more, like reading books, taking nature walks, and drawing things you love about each season.

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Watercolor Four Seasons Flashcards Printable Set seasons flashcards Pinterest |

Which Seasons Flashcard Printable is the Best?

A great printable set offers lots of ways to use it, as well as several different versions so you can differentiate based on your classroom needs.

I think it's important to have lots of opportunities to differentiate in each product, so I made sure that was possible with this seasonal flashcard set as well.

Some teachers, parents, or grandparents love a beautiful set of flashcards, some love three part cards, others love posters, and still others would rather have their students cut out pieces and paste them.

You can do any of those things with this set, or ALL of them. It's up to you!

Interested in more fun printables? Check out my shop, where you can find SO much more than what I offered here! Thank you for supporting my family. To access the shop, click the image below!

How Do I Introduce Seasons Chart Printable to Kids?

The seasons chart can be a little confusing. Seasons chart printables are a great and colorful way to show the four seasons as well as a pretty handy vocabulary reference.

I like to use the posters around my classroom as a convenient classroom reference.

For the chart, I like to cut it up and allow students to put it back together. Talking about the months of the year in addition to seasons is an easy transition. If you're interested in a set of three part cards for months of the year, you can grab that below as well.

Months of the Year Flashcards

This set matches beautifully with the set of seasonal cards provided. It will help students with putting together the seasons with the months in their mind. Pick up your months of the year printables here, or the image below.

Not only does it match perfectly visually, it's also an obvious next step in your curriculum to add in these three part cards to learn months too. Grab them both!

months of the year flashcards

Printable Seasons Flashcard PDF

Head over to the shop to grab your seasons of the year printable now!

You'll be so glad you did.

four seasons flashcards

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