Building Block Alphabet Task Cards Printable Set

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Inside: These Building Block Alphabet Task Cards are the perfect way to reinforce letters and the alphabet for your preschooler.

These task cards are so much fun, your child will love using their favorite building blocks to create letters and talking about the alphabet. The vibrant colors and fun designs of these task cards will keep kids engaged while they learn. Building block alphabet task cards are a great way to help prepare young students for kindergarten literacy skills.

Plus like, did I mention they're building with Legos?

Building Block Alphabet Letters

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What is Included in Building Bricks Alphabet Task Cards

You will receive a 27 page PDF, which will focus on each letter of the alphabet.

Some extra features:

  • These are a great opportunity to talk about letters with your child
  • Each page has a vibrant, full color option as well as a printer friendly black and white version.
  • Supplemental literacy work perfect for summer!
building blocks letters

How to Use Alphabet Building Bricks Task Cards

We all know how important it is to practice new things in many different ways. Create letters in different ways to help solidify them in our kids brains.

Here are the full instructions:

  • Print out each page (I recommend card stock for long usage)
  • Laminate pages
  • Show children how to use the task cards to create their own letters.

Here are some extras you might need:

A laminator If you want to keep these printables around as long as you can, so I recommend laminating the pages so you can get the most use out of them. I have three children, so these cards get a lot of use.

-Scissors- You have to cut out the cards, you can use scissors, or this fancy paper cutter.

Building Bricks – This is just a fancy word for Legos. You can use the name brand, or others for a smaller price tag.

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Building Brick Task Card Pin

The Best Tools for Building Bricks Task Cards

I love using building bricks because they work on those little hand muscles that we don't work on enough with our kids. They're essential for learning to write later on. So let's get them super strong.

Here are more essentials I recommend for all my fine motor activities

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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