Printable Tracing Shapes Worksheets for Preschoolers to Get Excited About

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Inside: Printable Tracing Shapes Worksheets

Do you have a preschooler who is learning to write?

Preschoolers love drawing and coloring, but they also need lots of practice flexing their prewriting muscles.

This set of tracing worksheets is perfect for your little learner! It includes 30 pages that focus on the most common shapes to help work on those very important hand muscles.

Your child will be able to trace over each shape, or as fun doodling activities during quiet time or circle time.

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Benefits of Using Tracing Shapes Worksheets

With this set of tracing worksheets, your preschooler can learn how to write all sorts of different shapes – from triangles and diamonds to circles and squares.

There is a page with one large shape on it, and then a second page with several small shapes, so you can practice a lot or a little.

My children LOVE using these sheets to create their own shape animals.

Gosh, I remember last year, I would DREAD trying to figure out what to do with my kids to keep them occupied. I'd get overwhelmed at all the options of what we could do each day. I wanted them to have fun, I wanted them to be learning (not just melting their brains watching Pokemon) and I wanted to be able to do things myself also.

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This is when I realized if I created a printable for them and laminated it, they could have something to work on and work with over and over.

So I had to make more, and I HAD to share this new found freedom with my readers. Let's get started.

What you'll need to get started on your shapes printable:

-The free printable tracing shapes worksheets (OF COURSE!)

A laminator You want to keep these printables around as long as you can, so I recommend laminating the pages so you can get the most use out of these printables. I love that we can write all over them and then just erase them after and use them again tomorrow– Or with the next kid! We do a lot of sharing in my house, so printables changing hands is a common occurance here.

Page Protectors– The laminator is perfect, but when you want to keep your busy book all together, I can't recommend page protectors and a good three ring binder enough.

Markers – There are also dotted shapes that your little can trace.

-Pencil Pouch for Binders– I use these to hold all of the markers and writing utencils they need to use with this product.

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Prepare Your Tracing Printable:

-gather supplies

-laminate any page you'd like to keep around longer than one use.

-give your kids markers and pencils and crayons to draw and create with

How to use Summer Shapes for Preschoolers Printable

Very simply, these are tracing pages, and can be used exclusively for that.

After your child has traced all of the shapes, kids can erase their work start all over again.

Adapt Tracing Printable For Younger Kids

To make this work for younger kids, try using manipulatives instead of markers and crayons. Print the bigger shapes and use stickers, pompoms, erasers, or another small item they can grasp with their hands and put along the dotted lines.

Adapt Shapes Printable For Older Kids

For older kids, We like to use the smaller shape pages to create animals or things in each shape. Here is a page of my son's, when he created a few different animals in his worksheet.

Printable Tracing Shapes Worksheets |

Other Ways to Learn with These Shape Sheets

Another way to learn with these printables is talking about each shape.

-How many sides does a triangle have?

-How does this trapezoid look different from this rhombus?

What Will Kids Learn?

Shapes, of course! Putting them together will help with shape recognition, and differentiating.

Get the Printable Here

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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