Fun and Easy Cow Paper Plate Craft for Preschoolers

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Introducing crafts to preschoolers is a fantastic way to blend fun with learning, and a cow paper plate craft hits the mark perfectly. Not only does this activity provide a creative outlet, but it also helps develop fine motor skills and teaches children about farm animals. With just a few simple materials, you'll guide your little ones through an engaging, hands-on project that fosters creativity and learning.

So, gather your scissors, glue, and paints, and let's dive into this fun and educational cow paper plate craft!

cow paper plate craft

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Benefits of Crafting for Preschoolers

Introducing crafts like a cow paper plate craft to preschoolers offers more than just a fun activity. Crafting is a critical part of early childhood education that promotes various aspects of development. Let's explore the key benefits of crafting for preschoolers.

Enhances Fine Motor Skills

Crafting activities require children to use their hands in various ways, such as cutting, gluing, painting, and coloring. These actions help strengthen the small muscles in their fingers, hands, and wrists.

  • Cutting shapes: Helps in learning how to control scissors and understand shapes.
  • Gluing pieces together: Teaches precision and careful hand-eye coordination.
  • Painting and coloring: Builds hand strength and dexterity.

Encourages Creativity and Imagination

When preschoolers engage in crafts, they use their creativity and imagination. Crafting allows them to experiment with different materials, colors, and shapes.

  • Unstructured play: Lets children think outside the box and create something unique.
  • Problem-solving: Challenges them to find ways to put materials together.
  • Expression: Provides a medium for children to express their thoughts and feelings visually.

Develops Cognitive Skills

Crafting can also boost cognitive development by helping children learn to focus and follow instructions. Activities like creating a paper plate cow have step-by-step aspects that foster these skills.

  • Sequencing: Understanding the order of steps to complete a project.
  • Attention to detail: Paying attention to specific instructions and aspects of the craft.
  • Memory: Remembering the steps involved and the materials used.

Builds Social Skills

Crafting is often a group activity, whether in a classroom or at home with family. This interaction helps children develop essential social skills.

  • Sharing materials: Teaches cooperation and sharing.
  • Communicating ideas: Encourages them to talk about their project and discuss their thoughts.
  • Teamwork: Working on group projects fosters collaboration and collective effort.

Boosts Self-Esteem and Confidence

Completing a craft project gives preschoolers a sense of accomplishment. Their finished project is a tangible result of their efforts.

  • Pride in work: Seeing a finished product builds confidence.
  • Positive reinforcement: Praise from parents or teachers boosts self-esteem.
  • Sense of capability: Understanding that they can create something beautiful or useful with their abilities.

Teaches Patience and Perseverance

Crafting projects can sometimes be challenging and time-consuming. This teaches preschoolers patience and the importance of perseverance.

  • Waiting for glue to dry: Teaches patience.
  • Overcoming mistakes: Encourages them not to give up if something goes wrong.
  • Completing the project: Shows the value of sticking with a task from start to finish.

Incorporating craft activities like the cow paper plate craft into your preschooler's routine is not just fun, but also beneficial for their overall development. Crafting helps build a strong foundation for various skills that are important throughout their lives.

How to Make a Paper Plate Cow Craft with Preschoolers

Ready to get crafting? Find the instructions below!

Yield: 1 Paper Plate Cow Craft

Cow Paper Plate Craft

paper plate cow craft
Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Difficulty preschool
Estimated Cost $3


  • Construction Papers (black and light pink)
  • Cardboard
  • Double sided tape
  • Paper plate
  • Acrylic Paint (pastel grey)
  • Googly eyes


  • Scissors
  • Paint Brush


  1. Gather your supplies. Fun and Easy Cow Paper Plate Craft for Preschoolers cow paper plate craft 2 |
  2. Print and cut the template provided. Then paste it to the
    corresponding papers. Fun and Easy Cow Paper Plate Craft for Preschoolers cow paper plate craft 3 | Fun and Easy Cow Paper Plate Craft for Preschoolers cow paper plate craft 4 |
  3. Cut and attach the parts to the paper plate. Start putting the black ones followed by the cow eyes and pink mouth. Fun and Easy Cow Paper Plate Craft for Preschoolers cow paper plate craft 5 | Fun and Easy Cow Paper Plate Craft for Preschoolers cow paper plate craft 7 | Fun and Easy Cow Paper Plate Craft for Preschoolers cow paper plate craft 8 |
  4. Put the googly eyes at the center of the black circles. Make sure to put it firmly. Fun and Easy Cow Paper Plate Craft for Preschoolers cow paper plate craft 9 | Fun and Easy Cow Paper Plate Craft for Preschoolers cow paper plate craft 10 |
  5. For the ears, copy the desired shape or figure in the craft photo. Then paint the half side using pastel grey acrylic.
  6. Attach the ears behind the paper plate. Fun and Easy Cow Paper Plate Craft for Preschoolers cow paper plate craft 11 | Fun and Easy Cow Paper Plate Craft for Preschoolers cow paper plate craft 12 | Fun and Easy Cow Paper Plate Craft for Preschoolers cow paper plate craft 13 | Fun and Easy Cow Paper Plate Craft for Preschoolers cow paper plate craft 14 |
  7. Finish off by drawing circles for its nose and a small curve or mouth-like drawing. Then add small lines for eyebrows. Fun and Easy Cow Paper Plate Craft for Preschoolers cow paper plate craft 15 |
  8. Hang your cow paper plate up for all to see! Fun and Easy Cow Paper Plate Craft for Preschoolers cow paper plate craft 16 |

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Tips for a Successful Crafting Experience

Crafting with preschoolers can be a delightful experience, filled with laughter and creativity. However, there are a few tips to ensure everything goes smoothly. Here are some essential tips to keep in mind for a successful cow paper plate craft activity.

Prepare the Workspace

Before starting the craft, set up a designated workspace. Choose a flat surface, such as a table, with enough room for all the materials and for the preschoolers to work comfortably.

  • Cover the table: Use a plastic tablecloth or old newspapers to protect the surface from glue and paint spills.
  • Organize materials: Place all the required materials within easy reach. This includes construction paper, scissors, glue, paint, paper plates, and googly eyes.
  • Ensure good lighting: Adequate lighting helps children see their work clearly and reduces eye strain.

Supervise and Assist

Constant supervision is crucial when crafting with young children. Be ready to assist and guide them through the steps.

  • Teach safe scissor use: Show them how to hold and use scissors properly. Safety scissors are a must to prevent accidents.
  • Help with tricky parts: Some steps, like cutting small pieces or gluing tiny details, may need your assistance. Be patient and offer help as needed.
  • Encourage independence: While helping, also allow them to try things on their own to build confidence and skills.

Keep It Fun and Positive

The main goal is to make the crafting experience enjoyable. Keep the atmosphere light and positive.

  • Praise their effort: Focus on the process rather than the end result. Compliment their creativity and hard work.
  • Celebrate mistakes: Let them know it's okay to make mistakes. Use errors as learning opportunities.
  • Make it interactive: Ask questions about their choices, like why they chose certain colors or how they plan to place the spots on the cow.

Plan for Breaks

Crafting can be exhausting for little ones. Plan for short breaks to keep them engaged and avoid fatigue.

  • Mini-breaks: Take quick breaks for stretching or a snack. This helps refresh their minds and keeps their energy levels up.
  • Flexible timing: Don’t rush the activity. Allow them to work at their own pace.

Use Age-Appropriate Materials

Choosing materials suited to preschoolers will make the crafting process safer and more enjoyable.

  • Non-toxic supplies: Ensure all paints, glues, and other materials are non-toxic and safe for children.
  • Easy-to-handle tools: Use child-friendly tools, such as blunt-tip scissors and washable paints.
  • Sturdy materials: Select durable materials that are easy for small hands to manipulate, reducing frustration and enhancing the crafting experience.

Encourage Creativity

While following the steps is important, also encourage children to add their own personal touches.

  • Color choices: Allow them to choose different colors for the cow’s spots or nose.
  • Extra decorations: Offer additional materials like glitter, stickers, or ribbons for them to personalize their cow.
  • Imaginative ideas: Let them come up with their own patterns and designs. This fosters imagination and makes the craft uniquely theirs.

Following these tips will create a positive and memorable crafting experience for both you and your preschooler. Enjoy the journey of making your adorable paper plate cow!

Reflect on Achievements

Wrap up the craft by reflecting on what both of you have accomplished. Close by asking questions that engage your preschooler:

  • “What was your favorite part of making the cow?”
  • “What colors did you enjoy using the most?”
  • “How do you feel about the cow you created?”

These questions not only help in reinforcing the experience but also reinforce their sense of accomplishment.

Display the Craft

Once the cow paper plate craft is complete, find a special place to display it. Whether it's on the refrigerator, a bedroom wall, or a bulletin board, showcasing their work boosts their confidence and gives them pride in their creation.

  • Create a mini art gallery: Dedicate a section of your home to display their various crafts.
  • Rotate artwork: Change the display periodically to keep their interest and celebrate new creations.

Incorporate Learning Objectives

Crafts like this offer more than just fun; they integrate valuable learning aspects. Here are some goals you might have met through this activity:

  • Fine Motor Skills: Cutting, gluing, and painting are excellent for hand-eye coordination.
  • Color Recognition: Identifying and using different colors.
  • Following Directions: Understanding and following multi-step instructions.
  • Social Skills: Sharing materials and ideas.

Extend the Activity

If your preschooler enjoyed making the cow paper plate craft, extend the learning and fun with additional activities:

  • Storytime: Read a book about cows or farm animals to complement the craft.
  • Farm Visit: Plan a trip to a local farm to see real cows and other animals.
  • Themed Crafts: Try creating more farm animals using similar paper plate techniques.

Encourage Creative Freedom

While it's great to follow a structured plan, allowing your child the freedom to add personal touches is also important. Encourage them to make their cow unique with extra decorations or by experimenting with different colors.

  • Use their ideas: Let them suggest changes or new ideas for the craft.
  • Open-ended questions: Ask what else they might want to create using paper plates.

By incorporating these elements into your crafting session, you ensure it is an enriching and enjoyable experience for your preschooler. Happy crafting!

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