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Construction Themed Play Dough Mats

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Inside you'll find the most adorable Construction Themed Play Dough Mat Task Cards for practicing fine motor skills with preschoolers you've ever seen. These happy little cards are just what you need to keep those little hands busy and work on those important fine motor muscles.

Are you looking for a cute and engaging way to help your child practice their fine motor skills and pincer grasp?

These Construction Themed Play Dough Mats and Task Cards are the perfect activity to do to learn about construction vehicles, and big trucks. They’re themed around one of my son's current favorite things. There has been a lot of construction happening around our house lately, so my kids are extra interested in all things construction.

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Construction Dough Mats

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And why wouldn't they love it?! The big trucks are a big hit here. Kids love the bright yellows and steely grays, and the added bonus of squishing dough between fingers is undeniably fun for tiny hands.

You can use these play dough mats as part of a construction or community helper unit, or maybe you need something to keep little hands busy on a rainy day.

What are the Benefits of Play Dough Mats?

Play with play dough is a classic way to improve hand eye coordination as well as developing fine motor skills like pincer grasp (holding and manipulating objects between thumb and forefinger) and hand strength.

What does all of that mean?

Your child will be working out their tiny little fine motor muscles and working on their muscle endurance without even realizing they're working . . . because they're having so much fun.

play dough task cards, including cement truck, crane, dump truck and front loader

What Do You Need For Construction Play Dough Mats

As always, I recommend putting all of this together ahead of time to keep the unnecessary chaos out of our lives. New things–like this colorful and fun printable– are so exciting for kids, so it's hard to keep their excited wiggly feelings under control.

That's totally normal.

I like to get all of the laminating and cutting out of the way before I bring this out to them instead of print it out and put it together while they're sitting with me.

Here is the list of everything you need.

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Construction Play Dough Mats

How to Use Construction Themed Tracing Task Cards

These lacing cards are easy peasy to use.

If you have a laminator available, simply laminate the cards before use so they will last longer. You won't be able to use these cards with the dough UNLESS you laminate. You can of course make sure they don't touch the dough, but if dough is touching paper, it will ruin the paper. A silly lesson I learned with my oldest was younger.

Laminating is the perfect way to ensure your construction task cards can be used again next year or for little roadway themed literacy activity all year long.

You can also create task boxes, by printing them all, laminate, cut them out, and store them in the boxes with a few different dry erase markers. To ensure children can access them easily and independently.

Preparing your Printable for Use

  • Print the lacing cards on heavy cardstock (grab your printable here)
  • Laminate then cut them out and allow students to trace the letters they see.

Construction Printables and Crafts

Why Play Dough Mats?

Like I said before, fine motor skills are essential for learning to write and trace, as well as typing later. Sometimes these skill and muscles are called pre-writing skills because they are the muscles used specifically to write as we grow.

How will you and your child use this product? Get yours and find out!

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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