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Construction Themed Count and Clip Cards

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Inside you'll find the most adorable Construction Themed Counting Clip Cards for reinforcing numbers and empirical counting for your preschoolers.

Are you looking for a great classroom or homeschool tool to keep kids engaged while they learn about numbers?

These Construction counting clip cards are the perfect activity to do together. They’re themed around one of my son's current favorite things. There has been a lot of construction happening around our house lately, so my kids are extra interested in all things construction.

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And why wouldn't they love it?! My kids love the vibrant colors and fun designs on these. He told me his favorite was the drills, because they're blue.

You can use these in sensory bins too.

Try our Construction Alphabet Sensory Bin Idea!

Your child will love counting and clipping numbers with these sneaky fine motor skill boosters.

These cards can be used as part of a construction, vehicle, or community helpers curriculum.

What are the Benefits of Counting Clip Cards?

Our favorite way to use these construction themed counting clip cards is with clothespins. Laminate, then cut them out so you can use them over and over.

Looking for more clip cards? Engaging Clothespin Fine Motor Activities for Preschoolers

Talking about numbers with these printables is so easy. During play is an amazing time to introduce or talk about new concepts like numbers.

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What Do You Need For Construction Alphabet Cards

As always, I recommend putting all of this together ahead of time to keep the unnecessary chaos out of our lives. New things–like this colorful and fun printable– are so exciting for kids, so it's hard to keep their excited wiggly feelings under control.

That's totally normal.

I like to get all of the laminating and cutting out of the way before I bring this out to them instead of print it out and put it together while they're sitting with me.

Here is the list of everything you need.

-The printable (OF COURSE!) grab it here: Construction Alphabet Tracing Cards.

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Construction Count and Clip Cards

How to Use Construction Themed Count and Clip Cards

These counting clip cards are easy peasy to use.

If you have a laminator available, simply laminate the cards before use so they will last longer. This is the perfect way to ensure your construction task cards can be used again next year or for little truck themed literacy activity all year long.

You can also create task boxes, by printing them all, laminate, cut them out, and store them in the boxes with a few different erasers or clothespins. To ensure children can access them easily and independently.

Preparing your Printable for Use

  • Print the lacing cards on heavy cardstock (grab your printable here)
  • Laminate then cut them out and allow students to “clip” the number represented.

Learning about numbers is so fun with counting clip cards, my kids are in a big truck phase right now, which is awesome! There are so many cool activities and printables I've been able to make to celebrate his love. You can to share in that love!

Construction Printables and Crafts

Why Clip Cards?

I created these cards with the idea that they would be used with clothespins as counting clip cards.

This means, put simply, your child will use the cards to count, then mark off the total number of objects they find. There are so many ways to try this.

These are a great opportunity to talk about numbers with your child. The five page PDF focuses on numbers 1-10

Since then, I've seen them used SO many different ways. You can ask your child which way they would prefer too.

Other Fun Ways to Use This Construction Activity for Kids

I love using them as supplemental math work when we are in the car, or can't be at home doing the homeschool thing.

We have also used them with a sensory bin to write the number, or find pieces if they decide to cut them apart.

How will you and your child use this product? Get yours and find out!

Get the Construction Vehicles Counting Clip Cards Printable Here

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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