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Awesome Preschool Graduation Gifts That Will Make You A Hero

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Preschool graduation gifts used to be something I would laugh at.

Before I had children, I thought it was ridiculous to celebrate such a small and silly accomplishment.

Now that I have children I am thrilled to celebrate their education with them.

It's not silly and small to them.

They worked hard for this.

Some kids left their parents for the first time in their lives (mine included), they learned phonics, numbers, writing, and even reading.

I am happily surprised at the leaps and bounds my daughter has made in her self-esteem too. I love when we go to the park or library now, she will go talk to a child even if she's never seen them before.

It brings tears to my eyes and puts a knot in my throat when I think of the tiny delicate little girl she was as a baby and toddler, and how she now has grown her voice and her personality.

I am thrilled to give her gifts to help her grow and feed her love of school and education.

Best Preschool Graduation Gifts

It's always important to celebrate the big moments, and preschool graduation is that big moment.

If you can't be there to celebrate with them, a book, activity, or loving card with encouraging words can be JUST what they need right now.

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This collage for a blog post showcases '7 best gifts for kindergarten graduation,' with a mixture of items like books titled "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" and "Simple Science Experiments," school supplies, and a plush teddy bear, all presented in a vibrant and engaging layout. The web address 'bethannaverill.com' is included for more information.

Ideas for Preschool Graduation Ideas

The best gifts come from the heart. Why do you want to celebrate today, and what do you want your gift to do for them?

Book Gifts for Preschool Graduation

Book gifts are ALWAYS a good idea. They're just learning to read, they're happy to show whoever they can.

Kindergarten, Here I Come!

We can relive that time she graduated over and over again, and celebrate her accomplishments all summer.

I love Kindergarten, Here I Come!, The author explains all the things about Kindergarten a preschooler might not be familiar with. Each topic is presented as a poem, so it's short and sweet.

When we get worried about new friends, we flip open to the poem about having several different best friends over the course of the day.

They do mention nap time, but we just skip over that poem, because we don't have nap time in kindergarten here.

Pete The Cat's Groovy Guide to Life

You might not know this if you don't spend every day with the preschooler you're getting this gift for, but let me tell you:

Pete the Cat is a celebrity.

Like, I think my kid liked Pete the Cat more than Mickey Mouse AND Catboy.

He's a big deal.

This book gives readers a helpful bit of advice from several sources. This might be something you read every year before school starts, it's that awesome. The helpful message might be a little over their heads as preschoolers, but it's SUCH a good message.

Another really lovely collection of helpful life tips is The Book of Suessisms.

Preschool Graduation Gift From Teacher

I love “Oh The Places You'll Go” as a gift from teachers, especially for the younger kids because it is so inspirational. As a bonus, you can write a note to your preschool graduate inside about the memories you've shared, and how you'll remember them.

Oh The Places You'll Go

Dr. Seuss has been in my little one's life for years now, it's only fitting that he will be with her through her educational journey too.

We have one of these for each of our children, and we put a little note in the front asking the teachers to write out a special note or memory so they can look back at their entire education and all of the people who have had a hand in sculpting them.

We will give it to each of them as a graduation gift from high school. Here is an example:

Awesome Preschool Graduation Gifts That Will Make You A Hero img 7574 |

I want to make it as easy as possible for you to do this for your child too, so I added a simple PDF with the words you see above, but no names. Click the image below to get yours for free, no need to sign up for anything.

Awesome Preschool Graduation Gifts That Will Make You A Hero Copy of Printables Mockups |

What Do You Get a Preschooler For Graduation?

It's tough to decide what to get them, if you're not feeling a book present, maybe something more sentimental will be a better fit.

School Picture Album

Preschool is the perfect time to start off a photo album and memory keeper for the years to come.

There are sections to fill in things like a list of their interests, what they want to be when they grow up, and who their best friend is this week. Also included are envelopes for each year to add in favorite pictures or notes, and a place for each class picture.

If you get it for them now, you can fill in the information for this year.

Best Gift for Kindergarten Graduation

The very best gift you can give is showing up. My children love when we go somewhere special after graduation ceremonies. We have a local ice cream place where we always bring the kids to enjoy after a job well done.

What gift do you give for kindergarten graduation?

Personalized gifts add a special touch. This little bear is one of my favorites to give to kindergarten graduates!

This adorable little bear is a great cuddly friend your little can keep for decoration in their room or even for cuddles on their bed.

I love the teeny tiny little tassel!

You can personalize it with the year written on the top, or embroidered in the foot.

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A Special Trip

As much as children love material goods, they also love spending the day with you.

Take them out to lunch, or to their favorite fro-yo place, or a solo trip to the zoo or aquarium. Think of something your child loves to do, or a place they always ask to go, and GO. Celebrate!

Surviving The Summer Slump with Preschoolers

I love getting my children gifts that will help them succeed and really stretch those little brains.

Preschool Graduation Gift From Aunt

My children's Auntie bought this book for the family for Christmas last year, and sent it with all of the ingredients to do a few of her handpicked favorites.

She's a science teacher, so I knew the experiments would be awesome.

This science experiment book is a fun introduction to summer, when you can spend time doing experiments and answering all the “why” questions.

The first thing we did was put dyed water in a bottle with some oil, and then we put an Alka Seltzer in it, and watched the oil dance in the water, it was beautiful.

My children thought it looked like sparkles in the water. They couldn't wait to show everyone in the neighborhood their “experiment”.

Worksheets for Preschoolers

I love creating printables for preschoolers, and I have a shop, if you'd like to check it out, it's on TeachersPayTeachers, a lovely source of lesson plans, worksheets, and fun things to do with your littles.

I create fun pre-writing worksheets, Bingo Sheets, sight word printables, and more. You'll be sure to find something you like!

Click here to see my store on TeachersPayTeachers: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Beth-Ann-Averill

Ready to Keep the Summer Learning Going?

Check out this post with TEN DAYS of free summer learning printables.

Now that the kids are going off to elementary school, it's the perfect time for you to learn a new side hustle. Learn how to create educational printables you can sell online with me!

This collage for a blog post showcases '7 best gifts for kindergarten graduation,' with a mixture of items like books titled "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" and "Simple Science Experiments," school supplies, and a plush teddy bear, all presented in a vibrant and engaging layout. The web address 'bethannaverill.com' is included for more information.
The image presents a pink, whimsical theme, with a centered text that reads "The best gifts to give for preschool graduation" in a mix of elegant and playful fonts. Below the text is a wrapped gift with a pink ribbon, suggesting a celebratory mood for preschool graduation gifts, and "BETH ANN AVERILL" is prominently displayed in a colorful circle at the bottom.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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