What is a Leprechaun Trap

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What IS a Leprechaun Trap, and how can I make one with my kids?

2020 was a crazy year. Right before everything went down, we were all scared. How can we stay safe?

How do I keep my kids occupied until this thing is over?

Enter: Leprechaun Trap

I heard of this, but we never created one yet. Man, is it fun. If this is your first year, you’re going to LOVE it. We can’t wait to do it again this year.

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Best Books to Read Before You Create a Leprechaun Trap

We love reading books ahead of introducting an activity or game, and this is no different. Here are a few books I have either purchased myself or found in my local library:


You can click any of the images above to check the price on Amazon.

What is a Leprechaun Trap?

The Leprechaun Trap is like the St. Patrick’s Day version of leaving cookies out for Santa. It is also an awesome way to introduce STEAM to your children.

Traps are traditionally made the night before St. Patrick’s Day using household items, but these days you can go as extravagent as you’d like.

What Happens When You Catch a Leprechaun?

The idea of a Leprechaun Trap is to get something a leprechaun loves, like coins and shamrocks, and trap him. If you succeed, he will grant you three wishes.

Try introducing this idea to your children. What would you do with three wishes from the leprechaun?

What Supplies Do You Need to Create a Leprechaun Trap?

This is the best part. You can do ANYTHING you’d like. Sometimes just introducing the idea to your kids will light the spark to encourage them to plan out their own trap, but if you’re like me, you want to have some supplies on hand ready so you can hit the ground running. Here’s a list of supplies you’ll likely need. (If you want a whole kit, try this one, on Amazon)

Green construction paper or cardstock
Foam cut outs
Toothpicks or Popsicle Sticks

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