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Turkeys in Disguise Write the Room Activity for Fall

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Inside you'll find the most awesome Thanksgiving Write the Room activity for preschool or kindergarten classrooms. I love using these to get kids up and around during writing centers.

This Thanksgiving, get your little ones in the holiday spirit with this fun and educational write the room activity!

Not only will they have a blast finding all the hidden turkeys around the house, they'll also get to practice their writing skills.

These Turkey Write the Room Printables are the perfect activity for Thanksgiving.

You'll have a hard time finding these turkeys because they're in disguise! Is it a pineapple? Or a turkey?? Who knows!

Grab your set of Turkey in Disguise Write the Room Printables in my shop now.

Thanksgiving Write the Room Activity for Kindergarten

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I love write the room activities because they encourage kids to get up and walk around the room, and it's lovely hands on learning.

Write the room activities are a great way to introduce and talk about new vocabulary, like in this set we talk about different things the turkey is dressed as.

It's also a great introduction to talk about how you would disguise a turkey on Thanksgiving so it doesn't get eaten.

These cards can be used as part of a Thanksgiving curriculum.

Thanksgiving Writing Centers Printables

includes 12 turkeys disguised for students to go around the room, find, and identify

You'll find a lot of ways to change this up depending how advanced you need it to be for your students or children.

I've included full set of the disguised turkeys with the name of their costume underneath, as well as just the turkey.

For recording sheets, one set has a small image of the turkey they will write about next to it, the other has numbers (that match the number of the card) to match.

You'll also get a “My Turkey's Disguise” writing sheet with primary dashed lines and space to draw their favorite turkey's disguise, or create their own!

What Do You Need For Turkey Write the Room Activities?

For this Turkey in Disguise Thanksgiving-themed write the room activity, you will need to gather a few things.

I like to get all of the laminating and cutting out of the way before I bring this out to my kids instead of printing it out and put it together while they're sitting with me.

Laminating is a great way to keep these words in good condition to put up multiple years, or several times in one day.

Here is the list of everything you need.

  • Write the Room Turkeys in Disguise Printable
  • Clipboard for students to put their recording sheet
  • Pencils
  • Wall space to tape these little guys all over a room, or house if you don't mind them going around the whole house!

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Write the Room Turkey in Disguise

How to Use Write the Room Writing Center Activities

These are pretty simple to use. You're going to print off a recording sheet for everyone (there are two different variations. One has just a number to correspond with the cards, the other has a smaller version of the actual turkey in the box to write the word next to.

Then print the 12 cards you will attach to the walls. They are also variated, so you can have a set with the name of the costume underneath, or you can have a set without the words.

If you have a laminator available, simply laminate the cards before you attach them to the wall so they will last longer. This is the perfect way to ensure little turkeys can be used again next year or for silly turkey disguises all year long.

Preparing your Printable for Use

Ready to grab yours now?

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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