Dinosaur Unit for Preschool to Dive into Prehistoric Times

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Delve into an adventure millions of years in the making with our tailor-made Dinosaur Unit for Preschool. Designed to captivate, engage, and educate, this unique unit will transport your preschoolers back to the time of these magnificent creatures.

From understanding the basics of dinosaur biology to learning about their extinction, we've left no stone unturned in our quest to make the prehistoric world accessible, exciting, and, above all, educational for your little learners.

Dinosaur thematic unit by Beth Ann Averill

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Dinosaur Unit Preschool: A New Approach to Learning

In the spirit of adventure and exploration, we've crafted an 11-day dinosaur unit for preschool that's brimming with activities, crafts, resources, and even interactive presentations.

It’s a ready-made journey into the Jurassic and beyond!

Perfect for homeschool preschool OR in the classroom, all the way up to kindergarten.

Why Dinosaurs?

You might wonder, “Why dinosaurs?” The answer is simple: kids love them!

Dinosaurs captivate children’s imaginations with their sheer size, unusual features, and the mystery surrounding their existence and extinction.

They're a fantastic gateway into a whole range of topics, from biology and earth sciences to history and environmental stewardship.

Immersive and Multidisciplinary Approach

We’ve carefully structured our preschool dinosaur unit to cover various aspects of these magnificent creatures and the world they inhabited.

The journey starts with a basic introduction and gradually unfolds into a multi-layered learning experience.

Ready to grab the whole dinosaur unit?

If you're ready to get started right now, I got you!

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Day by Day Excavation of Knowledge

The learning experience is segmented into bite-sized, manageable chunks that make the content engaging, enjoyable, and more easily digested.

Each day of the unit is a new adventure!

What Does a Day Look Like?

For each of the 11 days, you'll receive:

  • A PowerPoint presentation(you can open it in Google Slides!) with slides to talk about the lesson of the day. So you don't have to guess what to talk about with your kids.
  • An essential question that we answer in the slides, and solidify with activities.
  • Circle time discussion to introduce the subject and build excitement about the dinosaur lesson of the day.
  • Specific learning objective so you have exactly what you need for a successful lesson every day.
  • Storytime Book Suggestions so you know exactly what to grab at the library to prepare!
  • Preschool friendly Craft every day, because what is preschool without crafts?
  • Activity to get kids up and moving, or thinking, so you don't have to plan anything
  • Printable learning resources included, so you can add some fun learning in to every dinoriffic day!
  • Vocabulary to introduce every day

The best part of all of this, is OVER 100 pages of lessons, crafts, activities, and everything you need for your lessons! I don't want anything to be unclear, and I don't want you to be missing anything, so this is everything you need for a print and go dinosaur lesson plan.

Unleashing Creativity with Dinosaur Crafts

Creativity and hands-on experiences are at the core of our unit.

Each day introduces a craft activity related to the day’s theme – from assembling a three-dimensional volcano to creating a Paleontologist’s field notebook to document their discoveries!

These projects encourage fine motor skills development while also cementing the day's learning in a fun and creative way.

Includes 11 days of lesson plans and over 100 pages of resources for you to use with your classroom.

How do you teach dinosaurs to preschoolers?

Teaching preschoolers about dinosaurs involves making the topic engaging, age-appropriate, and hands-on.

This dinosaur unit for preschool does just that!

It introduces complex concepts in simple, interactive ways, incorporating sensory play, arts and crafts, storytelling, and role-playing.

Interactive Learning Sessions

Like I said earlier, every day as a set of PowerPoint slides to walk you through the day's lesson.

The use of interactive presentations and resources provides you with a tool to initiate discussions, answer questions, and visually demonstrate various dinosaur-related concepts.

These resources are thoughtfully designed to engage students, stimulate curiosity, and reinforce learning.

each day includes a powerpoint presentation to show during lessons. These presentations can also be opened in Google Slides.

SO MANY Dinosaur Printable Resources

When you pick up this unit study, you're going to get a trove of printable resources that range from preschool friendly checklists to flashcards, puzzles to coloring pages, craft instructions to sorting mats.

These printable tools supplement the day's learning and provide the children with fun and meaningful activities that reinforce the topics taught.

Journeying Through the Past

In this dinosaur unit, students journey through various facets of dinosaur life.

They explore different types of dinosaurs, the differences between herbivores and carnivores, and understand why dinosaurs are different from animals we see today.

We also deep dive into a few popular dinosaurs and learn about them.

Don't forget the whole reason we know about dinosaurs, paleontologists!

grab day one to see if it's perfect for your classroom by adding your email to the form below!

Ready for the Full Jurassic Journey?

After you've had a taste of the dinosaur discovery with Day 1, we're confident you'll be ready for more. So why not dive in and purchase the full 11-day Preschool Dinosaur Unit?

Every day brings a new adventure, a new dinosaur, and new hands-on activities. From exploring the differences between herbivores and carnivores, to unearthing dinosaur fossils, to crafting your very own Stegosaurus, our comprehensive unit delivers an engaging, educational journey that your students won’t soon forget!

By purchasing the full unit, you'll gain access to:

  • 11 days of comprehensive, themed lesson plans
  • Engaging daily presentations
  • Hands-on crafts and activities
  • A wealth of printable resources
  • And much more!

Ignite your preschoolers' imagination and curiosity in the most fun way possible. Embark on a journey of discovery that combines learning, creativity, and the sheer joy of dinosaurs.

Don't let this opportunity go extinct. Sign up for our email list now and get started on your prehistoric adventure today!

FAQs about Preschool Dinosaur Unit

Here are some common questions teachers and parents often have about teaching preschoolers about dinosaurs:

What do children learn from playing with dinosaurs?

Playing with dinosaur toys and participating in dinosaur-themed activities helps children learn about these fascinating creatures, their habitats, and their characteristics. It encourages imagination and creativity, fosters a love for learning, and can even help develop fine motor skills and social interaction when playing in groups.

What are the benefits of dinosaur learning?

Learning about dinosaurs introduces children to basic concepts in biology, history, and geology. It helps them understand the concept of time, the cycle of life, and the importance of biodiversity. Moreover, it fosters curiosity, critical thinking, and ignites an early interest in science.

How do you teach preschoolers about fossils?

Fossils are a key part of understanding dinosaurs. Our dinosaur unit includes fun and engaging activities like creating salt dough fossils and using excavation kits. These activities provide hands-on experiences for kids to grasp the concept of fossils and how they provide a window into the past.

How do you introduce preschoolers to the concept of extinction?

Introducing the concept of extinction to preschoolers can be a sensitive topic, but it's an integral part of learning about dinosaurs. We handle this topic carefully in our unit, explaining that dinosaurs aren't around anymore without focusing on the catastrophic events that led to their extinction. The focus is on the natural cycle of life, diversity, and changes over time.

What if a child is scared of dinosaurs?

It's not uncommon for some children to be afraid of dinosaurs due to their portrayal in movies and media. I mean, they're big, loud, and in movies they're meant to be scary. This unit addresses this by focusing on the factual and fascinating aspects of dinosaurs and steering clear of depicting them as scary creatures. We promote a safe and understanding learning environment, and teachers are always there to guide and reassure their students.

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