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How Stay at Home Moms Can Find Happiness on Bad Days

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Inside: How to Find Happiness on Bad Days as a Mom. It's easy to push off your own feelings to try to make everyone else happy, but your pouring from an empty cup sister. Let's fill it back up.

Being a mom is hard. Whether you're working at home, working outside of the home, single parenting, being a stay at home mom, have a supportive spouse, have a supportive family, or even if your only support is a cat who knocks over all of your things every day . . . it's tough.

Having a bad day as a mom does not make you a bad mom.

I think the understanding that one day does not dictate your entire life is important for all moms. We are so quick to judge ourselves and say this is the worst day, I'm the worst mom.

We wouldn't let our daughters talk like that about themselves, why are we letting our brains say it?

Some days are going to be bad days, it happens. Here are a few ways you can turn them around –if you're up to it.

How Stay at Home Moms Can Find Happiness on Bad Days HOW STAY AT HOME MOMS CAN FIND HAPPINESS ON BAD DAYS Facebook |

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Get Some Fun Exercise

It is hard to prepare for a bad day. You don't see it coming, so it always hits like a brick wall. All you can do is set your intention for the day.

Recognize that you are feeling this way, it's a junky day. Now, are you going to let the day be bad, or are you going to fix it?

A bad days is not the best day to start a new workout routine, or force yourself to do the workout you hate.

Yes, moving your body is important, but so is ACTUALLY moving your body. If you hate it, you're not going to want to do it.

So pick something you love, or want to try out. It's a great time to think outside the box.

If you like walking, try these “walk at home” videos if it's too cold to go outside

Switching things up is a great way to shake off that bad day feeling.

If you're looking at some workout videos, and realizing that your child is NOT going to let you do them without climbing all over you . . . pick a kid's video. Go noodle has a lot of “brain break” videos for moving and shaking.

Try Something New

Now is a great time to try something you haven't done before, or are interested in trying. If it ends up being too much, you can always turn off the video.

Amazon has a great variety of workout videos you can do if you have Amazon Prime. Click the link to see all the cool benefits of Amazon Prime you might not have realized, and see a lineup of the workout videos I recommend.

Fit On (it's an app in your app store!) has loads of free workouts you can try too, from Barre to Prenatal workouts, cardio to strength, there is something for all experience levels.

Drive to your local mall, and sit down in the play area, and let your child go crazy. Get all their crazies out, and all you have to do is get dressed!

Can't decide? Just put on some fun music and dance it out. All movement is good movement!

Go Outside

I hear this all the time as advice, and I couldn't agree more. It's like telling new moms when their kid is being inconsolable to put them in water. Outside is like a mom's version of giving a baby a bath!

There are a billion ways for you to go outside and get your vitamin D on, but if you need a little help thinking of ways or reasons to go outside . . . it's okay. You're just overwhelmed, and every mom has been there.

Let me help you out, here are a few ways you can justify going outside with your kids.

Strap everyone in strollers or baby carriers and take the dog for a walk.
Go for a walk or a hike to see nature.
If local parks are open, visit one! You can walk around the outside of the playground while they play!
Walk around your neighborhood and talk to your child about all the pretty decorations.
Get out the sidewalk chalk, and sit outside with your child

It can be exhausting, but remember exhausted can be good. Maybe a good nap is in their future, or a little break.

You could also have a picnic for lunch! Go outside and sit on a blanket, and eat your food.

Fresh air fixes literally everything. Give it a try!

Get Outside of Your Normal

Like I said, shaking up your day will help shake out the bad feelings. Kids can see when we are upset, and they'll notice if you are in a bad mood.

I believe it's fine for kids to see my feelings, and it's good to talk about them together. We all can have a bad day, and it's okay. Involve them in the process of finding new things to do, and find fun things to do together.

Here is a fun way to create a random day of fun that my kids and I did this summer to have the best summer ever. You can try it here and see what you can do. Change it from a bored jar to a “bad day” jar, then have fun!

Help Others

Sometimes the best way to find happiness in yourself is to give back to others. This can be as simple as donating to a charity you believe in (my favorite is a dog shelter my nephew volunteers at in my hometown), or asking a shelter near you if they need volunteers.

This can be so good for your children to see and be a part of, and can give you a lot of things to talk about with them about.

If you have any friends or relatives who are having a rough time, or are ill, you can message them and ask what you and your child can do for them. Sometimes picking up groceries for a neighbor can make a huge difference.

Give it a try!

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Ask for Help

Oh I know. You don't need help. Other moms have it so much worse, and you don't want to bother anyone.

Look at me in my face: No one is bothered by helping you once in a while.

Let your neighbor who loves your children watch your kids, if everyone is comfortable with it. Tell your spouse to pitch in so you can go be alone for awhile.

Call your best friend. Vent. Cry. It's okay.

Let the TV babysit your children for half an hour while they watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and you go sit in silence, or read a little bit of your book, or WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO.

When All Else Fails

It's all okay. Throw away your plans for the day, put some pajamas on, and watch some kids movies, have cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or whatever is easiest for you, and vow to make tomorrow better.

At bedtime ask your children what their favorite part about today was, and you might be surprised. Even if you feel like today was a wash, they had some of their favorite memories.

Try again tomorrow.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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