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Summer Alphabet Learning Beach Ball Matching Game

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Inside: Summer alphabet practice with beach ball puzzles.

Welcome to day 3 of my 10 Days of Summer Printables for Preschoolers!

Today, I am excited to be sharing with you my beach ball alphabet matching puzzles! Each letter is it's own puzzle that your child can put together to match uppercase letters and lowercase letters.

My beach ball alphabet printable is great for preschoolers learning the alphabet. It can be used as matching cards, memory game or as an activity to practice writing letters and numbers.

beach ball alphabet puzzles matching

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Summer is a time for learning new things, reviewing old things, and having fun. To help your child learn (or practice) their ABCs, grab this printable alphabet matching game with beach balls!

What you'll need to get started on your summer beach ball alphabet printable:

-The free printables (OF COURSE!)

A laminator You want to keep these printables around as long as you can, so I recommend laminating the pages so you can get the most use out of these printables.

Scissors– You'll need to cut out all of these beach balls, and then cut each of them in half to create this learning puzzle.

Page Protectors– The laminator is perfect for the beach ball alphabet puzzle pages. When you want to keep your busy book all together, I can't recommend page protectors and a good three ring binder enough.

Clear Hook and Loop Dots– I prefer to get the clear dots because I like that they can see through them to the image below. They're perfect for busy books. If these are too big, I cut them in half, and they still work great! You'll need these if you want to use this printable as a busy book. There is a page for you to add both sides of the puzzle together, if this is what you'd like to do with this beach ball alphabet puzzle.

-Pencil Pouch for Binders– I use these to hold all of the loose shapes to keep them with the pages they belong to.

Grab a book from our list of top ocean books for preschoolers to take this printable to the next level!

PIN for later:

beach ball alphabet matching puzzles, upper and lowercase letters.

Prepare Your Summer Alphabet Learning Printable:

-gather supplies

-laminate and then cut out the beach balls. Add the hook and loop dots to the back of the beach balls, and add the “match the alphabet” page in the page protectors — if you plan to use it as a busy binder.

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How to use Summer Alphabet Printables for Preschoolers Printable

At the most basic level of usage, I recommend printing them out and putting them in page protectors and using them as a busy book. It's a little work up front, but it will provide them with the ability to pull out this busy book whenever you want, and your child can practice their letters.

What does using as a busy book mean? Print them all out, put the “match the alphabet” page into a page protector, and cut out all of the beach balls. Use hook and loop dots on the back of each beach ball, and on the front of the “match the alphabet” page.

Now your child can match any of the letters together, upper case with lower case.

Adapt Summer Alphabet Practice Printable For Younger Kids

To make this work for younger kids, you can keep the beach balls together, and not cut them in half. This way you can talk about all of the letters you find.

Laminate them all, and bury them in some colored rice, and have your child pick out a letter, then talk about what it says.

With smaller children, I like to reduce the amount of letters, and then add more as they learn more letters.

You can also say “show me the W” and have your child point out the letter to you.

Adapt Beach Ball Alphabet Printable For Older Kids

When the pick out a letter, have them draw everything they can think of that starts with that letter. Then we have a silly game of guess the drawing.

Other Ways to Learn with These Beach Ball Summer Alphabet Puzzles

Another way to learn with these printables is talking about each letter.

-What does this letter say?

-Can you spell your name with these letters? (you may need to print extra letters!)

What Will Kids Learn?

Letters! They'll talk more about the letters that are in front of them, and be able to recognize them easier. I love these puzzles, and they're so cute!

Get the Printable Here

Be sure you check out our full collection of summer themed printables in the shop!

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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