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Hilarious St. Patrick’s Day Lunchbox Jokes Printable Set

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Inside: St. Patrick's Day Lunchbox Jokes for your little one, to keep the giggles going.

I can't get enough of lunchbox jokes, so here is yet another installment of silly printable lunchbox jokes to share with your children.

My daughter loves sharing these jokes with her classmates each day, so I know you'll love them.

As you prepare lunchboxes for your kids, and hurry to put everything in it's place before school begins in the morning, don't forget to add in a fun lunchbox joke to create cherished memories that last a lifetime.

My children have always loved the special notes I leave in their lunchboxes, and now that they can read . . . I add in jokes. They come home from school and tell me how much they loved it.

Lunchbox jokes are a fun way to show your kids extra love while you're away from them, or make indoor lunchtime a silly experience.

St Patricks Day Lunchbox Jokes

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Lunchbox Jokes Printable

As always, I recommend putting all of this together ahead of time to keep the unnecessary chaos out of our lives. This is so painfully true in the morning when we are getting ready for school. You don't want to wait on your printer — only to find out you're out of ink, or paper, or who knows what!

What a headache. Don't bother with that, print these out right now, and have them ready to go in the morning.

I also like to do the laminating ahead of time too, because we don't have that extra time in the morning to create, print, laminate, and then finally get these things into lunchboxes.

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For these cards it will take a little bit of preparation. You'll need to print them out (there are 2 pages, but a total of 12 jokes), laminate, then cut out.

Here is the list of everything you need.

-The Lunchbox jokes! Grab them by clicking here, or on the image below:

Hilarious St. Patrick's Day Lunchbox Jokes Printable Set 1 |

A laminator If you want to keep these fun lunchbox notes around as long as you can, I recommend laminating the pages so you can get the most use out of them. I have three children, so these notes get a lot of use.

-Scissors- You have to cut out the cards, you can use scissors, or this fancy paper cutter.

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Lunch Box Jokes for St Patricks Day

Prepare Your St. Patrick's Day Joke Cards Printable

This is pretty self explanatory, but understand there are sometimes questions, and I want to make sure you're getting the most of your products, so if you already know everything you need and what to do, feel free to scroll on by to the next section.

-gather supplies: your pages, laminator, scissors, and lunchbox notes.

-laminate all the pages.

-cut out each of the cards, you can see the white space around each card, that's where you'll want to cut them.

Then boom! You're ready!

Are you looking for more St. Patrick's Day Printables for Kids? Here are all of mine!

These are one sided, so feel free to use a dry erase marker to write a little note, a silly note, or write I love you on the back. If you use a marker, you might want to keep it outside of their actual lunchbox to keep it off food. I'm really cautious with lunches!

Interested in more back to school printables? Check out my shop, where you can find SO much more than what I offered here! Thank you for supporting my family. To access the shop, click the image below!

Hilarious St. Patrick's Day Lunchbox Jokes Printable Set Ocean Theme Banner for Blog |

St. Paddy's Day Lunchbox Jokes Cards

These jokes were put together lovingly by me, with my children in mind. I love creating things that they will love and enjoy. I scoured the internet, borrowed joke books from the library, and asked all my friends for the silliest leprechaun, rainbow and green jokes I could find, and these are the BEST.

Some cards are on a rainbow background because my son loves all the colors, and my daughter wanted them to be bright and happy. If your child loves these things too, you'll love these! Green is also my son's favorite colors, so it was fun to create the most awesome cards that I knew he would love.

Even if your child stays home for lunch, they'll love these jokes. There is something truly magical about my children sharing a laugh about a silly joke.

Printable Lunch Box Jokes for Kindergarten and Younger

These jokes work with younger kids too, even if they haven't learned how to read yet.

My kindergartener is learning to read, so it's fun for us to talk about all the words on the paper, and my older children love reading the jokes to him. So it works great for us!

These are best for children who know how to read, but if your child's teacher (or you!) will read the note, it would still be a cute thing to add in to their lunch.

So YES! These work for kindergarteners!

Get the Printable Here

Here is another opportunity go grab that printable. I know it will be a favorite! Grab it here:

Hilarious St. Patrick's Day Lunchbox Jokes Printable Set 1 |

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