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Teach Your Preschooler Healthy Decisions at Lunch Time with This Printable

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Inside: Packing a Healthy Lunch Printable for practicing making healthy choices with your preschooler.

I can't be the only one who has trouble packing a healthy lunchbox for my preschool-aged kids. With all of their picky eating, it's hard to get them to eat what they need each day, while still giving them what they want.

As with almost everything ever, preschoolers respond well to learning hand in hand with us, with the option of making their own decisions.

It's never too early to start teaching your kids how to make healthy choices. Teaching them how to pack a lunchbox for school is an excellent way to do this!

My Packing a Lunchbox printable for preschoolers is a great way to practice basic life skills with your preschooler. Do they know how to pack a healthy lunch and make good choices for their body?

Let's practice!

The worksheets come with different color lunchboxes: one that is blue, one pick, and one black and white that students can decorate themselves.

This set allows preschoolers to interact with their lunchboxes in a way they might not normally.

They are a great way for parents to help increase the independence of their children, while also fostering self-confidence in them. Making choices for themselves with the options available.

Included in this set:

Three different lunchboxes (blue, pink, black and white to decorate yourself)
A page of healthy snacks to add to your lunchbox
Another page of healthy drinks to add to choose from
Build your own sandwich with a page of choices, including peanut butter, jelly, ham, cheese, turkey, mayo, and two slices of bread.
An extra page with blank boxes so children can add their own favorites to their lunchboxes

How to Pack a Healthy Lunchbox

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Helpful Supplies for Healthy Lunch Printable

As always, I recommend putting all of this together ahead of time to keep the unnecessary chaos out of our lives. New things–like this colorful and fun printable– are so exciting for kids, so it's hard to keep their wiggles under control.

That's normal.

I like to get all of the laminating and cutting out of the way before I bring this out to them.

If you're doing these at home or in the classroom, I recommend getting everything put together the night before. There is quite a bit of cutting, but everything is lined up, so using a paper slicer like this one from Amazon will help you make quick work of preparing this printable.

These are so easy to put together, but you don't want to have any added stress so gather your supplies and print them off.

Here is the list of everything you need.

-The printable (OF COURSE!) grab it here: How to Pack a Healthy Lunchbox for Preschoolers.

A laminator If you want to keep these printables around as long as you can, so I recommend laminating the pages so you can get the most use out of them.

-Scissors- I have always had a difficult time with letting my kids use scissors, but since my son has been home for preschool this year, we have embraced the scissor skills, even though I'm still genuinely terrified he will find them and cut off his beautiful curly hair. We all fear kids with scissors, right?

Task Card Box – This is a great place to hold all the pieces together. I love that I can put them all together nicely, and just have one box to hold all of our fine motor practice printables.

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Pack a Healthy Lunchbox Preschool Worksheets

How to Use Printable Lunchbox Packing Worksheets

These pages are easy to use.

If you have a laminator available, simply laminate the pages beforehand use so they will last longer. This is the perfect way to ensure your Make a Lunchbox task sheets can be used again for your next life skill practice all year long– or through multiple children.

For task boxes, you can print them all, laminate, cut them out, and store them in your task box for use later. The lunchbox page will not fit into a task box, but I keep a binder with all of the printables I use in our classroom next to my task box, you can do the same!

Preparing your Printable for Use

  • Print the pages on heavy cardstock (grab your printable here)
  • Laminate then cut them out.
  • Talk about the choices we make when we pack our lunchbox.

Using this Printable with Your Children

This printable creates a lot of excitement among my children because they LOVE talking about their favorite foods.

What Benefits do These Life Skills Practice Sheets Have For Kids?

These cards were created with the idea that they would be used with children to talk about the decisions they make when packing their lunch.

There are lots of options, including snacks like cookies and crackers. It's important to also add in those healthy snack as well, like cucumbers, or even yogurt.

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But I like to leave it completely up to them.

This means your child has the opportunity to put crazy things together. They might choose only drinks, or only apples. There are so many ways for children to interact with this printable.

Our job as an educator is to help them challenge those decisions, and help them decide if it's the right choice for them. Perhaps we might want more than just water, milk, and grape juice for lunch.

You can ask your child which foods they would prefer.

This is also a fantastic activity for the whole family. When my four year old put together all apples and bananas, my older child asked him why he forgot a drink, and what about all the things we normally put in our lunches!

Get the Printable Here

Click here to go grab yours now!

Make a Healthy Lunchbox Packing Worksheets for Preschoolers

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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