How To Create a Memorable Father’s Day Gift for Your Husband

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Father's Day is just around the corner, and every year we put together something last minute for my husband, and every year I feel like he's disappointed.

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Some years we spend a lot of money. We would buy things like drills, workbenches, or grills.

Other years we spend a small amount and DIY a lot. 

My husband doesn't like all the things society tells us Dads should want for Father's Day. He doesn't wear a suit to work, so no ties. He doesn't BBQ every weekend, or spend all day watching football.

What the heck should we do?

Well, I spent a lot of time brainstorming.

I thought about what he would love, and what he would use, and I decided to create a fun gift basket of things I thought he would appreciate and love. Most importantly, gifts that were practical. 

First, I put together a little printable “all about my dad” to have my children complete. You can access it here, just put in your email. 
Next, I scoured everything on the Internet to find SOMETHING he would love. 
I found a few things I think most Dads out there will appreciate, without being those typical normal Dad gifts. 
Excuse me? Socks?
My husband loves practical gifts. If he can use it, its a great gift. 
I stole this idea from him a few years ago, he bought me socks with our favorite golden, Anchovy, on it. It's such a great gift, and men love socks. You can get these on Amazon and still personalize them. How awesome is that?

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2. Audiobook Subscriptions

We never have time to read in this house, but it's always been important to be informed.

We also love reading audiobooks together, because then we can talk about them and enjoy them. Each evening we make dinner together and listen to audiobooks.

Currently, we are reading some suspense books, but now that Game of Thrones has ended, we plan to read those books together too. It should be a nice year-long adventure (because they're like 5,000 pages a piece haha)

3. Free HBO For a Month

Speaking of Game of Thrones, have you seen it? It just wrapped up, so if you want to see it . . . get a free month of HBO and binge watch it. I truly loved watching it. The story is so deep and rich, and there are so many colorful characters, and hilarious and heartwarming situations, as well as gut-wrenching and shockingly horrific.

If you're open to watching it, it's available from HBO right now. Get that free month to stream on Amazon, and you can cancel anytime.

Did you hear that? Watch Game of Thrones for free. See what the fuss is about!

Sign up for free here!

4. Lego Sets to Complete with Their Children

Watching my children diligently finding pieces and helping put together a fun Lego playland is one of my favorite things to do as a mother. I love when they proudly bring me their creation and tell me they made it.

It's a no brainer that we included a set in his gift basket! 

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5. Manly Soap

Can soap be manly?
I suppose it could try.

This brand has scents like “Victory” and “Naval Supremacy”, and smells like Ocean!

The bar of soap is also huge because it's supposed to be similar to the large bars of soap they gave the military members in WWII. Yay American history!

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What is a super successful gift you have given?

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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