How to Make TpT Products in Canva

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Inside: How to Make TeachersPayTeachers Products in Canva (while following terms of use!)

There are loads of tools out there for creating products for Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT). Most teachers tend to lean towards PowerPoint because they are familiar with it, and may have already created things there.

However, lately there has been a shift towards a newer tool to the TpT world– Canva.

I was a blogger before I was a Teacher-Seller, so Canva is a familiar old friend I know like the back of my hand. PowerPoint is a better tool for creating the actual products, but if you don't have access to PowerPoint, then it won't help you.

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Canva has a free version anyone can access and use to create printables they can sell on TpT. There are a few key guidelines you'll need to follow, and you should ALWAYS check the terms of use before choosing a new platform to use commercially.

I recommend using your own clip art that you purchased or found for free on TpT.

Teachers will keep coming back to Canva because it's so easy to use, and easily accessible. Even if you aren't a designer, you can easily create eye catching graphics, and LOOK like a professional. I think everyone should have a Canva account!

How to Make TpT Products in Canva, writing overlay on a watercolor globe

What is a Canva?

Canva is a graphic design platform that allows users to create a range of visual materials and products such as pin images, cover photos, product previews, social media graphics, and more. You can access their vast library of design elements, templates, images, fonts and graphics as a user. You can also combine and a lot of times customize these elements to create unique designs. Using Canva, teacher-sellers can create engaging and appealing TpT products to share with their audience.

Interested in learning more about creating educational printables? Join my Facebook group, where I go live several times a week to take questions and talk about creating worksheets on PowerPoint and selling printables on TeachersPayTeachers and MORE. Click here to check it out.

Canva also has a very user friendly interface.

You can spend a few hours learning the ins and outs of Canva, and easily have it mastered in an afternoon, but it's also the kind of tool you can find new ways to use every time you use it.

They are always releasing new tools and apps to make the whole experience not only easier, but also creates a more robust designer.

Can I use Canva for TeachersPayTeachers?

Absolutely! And I one hundred percent recommend you DO use Canva in you TpT business.

Looking for a step by step tutorial? Check out my Canva Tutorial for Creating Crowns to Sell on Teachers Pay Teachers on YouTube.

There are LOADS more ways to use Canva than just creating products.

I also have a growing library of Canva templates available inside my membership, go grab them!

Pin for later:

How to use Canva for your TpT business

Why I Don't Like Canva For Creating TeachersPayTeachers Products

There are a few things right now I don't like about Canva, and that keeps me using PowerPoint for PDFs.

  • It's difficult to link – This is my biggest issue. I can't flatten a product easily (like I can in PowerPoint!) and keep links on my products. This is ESSENTIAL to my business.
  • You can't have two different fonts, or font sizes, in one textbox.
  • Page limits. I know it's super high right now, but it used to be 30. Then it was 100 for awhile, now it's 200. Yes, you can still create the PDFs in two different files and then combine them outside of Canva, but why have a tool that needs another tool?
  • Files are on Canva, not your computer. This means you can only access your files when you're on their program. Not ideal if you have spotty internet, but amazing if you have limited hard drive room.
  • Confusing Terms of Use. I have received several conflicting reports of what is okay vs against terms of use with Canva.

Now that's out of the way, we can talk about the real benefits, and why I love Canva.

Since I have a list of why I don't use Canva, I wanted to create a list of why it's super beneficial too, so here:

Why Canva is a Great Tool:

  • Create your own templates. This is a game changer. Create templates for your brand, then add them to your brand templates, and reuse them. Forever.
  • Basic shapes are easy to use. It's simple and easy to add a border around your resources using their shape tool.
  • Easy to adjust sizes. You can use their magic resizing button to create different sizes for your designs. This is great for creating pins from shop images, or creating previews from shop images. The possibilities are endless.
  • Massive library of images. You're sure to find whatever you need in their huge library of stock images. Make sure you're following their terms of use though, only free images.

How Do You Make a TpT Banner in Canva?

There are tons more ways to use Canva besides just creating products.

Now when it comes to using Canva, I recommend using it to create shop images, marketing, and things like banners.

I have a TON of Canva templates you can use for your leaderboard images, banners, logos, and more inside my membership!

With Canva, there is no end to the amount of branding you can add to your store and social medias to market your TpT store. This is the real bread and butter of Canva. Being able to personalize all of your images is fun and rewarding.

I love adding new images each new season to my TpT store.

How to use canva for your TpT store, there is a pink circle that says profile picture, an orange rectangle that says quote banner, image or text. Then a yellow rectangle that says store page leaderboard, and a green rectangle that says store page column banner. Below those are four product main cover thumbnails. All of these pieces together create your TpT shop's page.
There are plenty of ways to use Canva to brand your store

You can see above the main images you can create. Use them to draw attention to different parts of your store, or welcome viewers.

TeachersPayTeachers makes it a little confusing to update all of these images, so I'll show you where you can find all of the places to upload them.

First is your profile picture / logo. This is the pink circle at the top of the image I shared.

You can find this, as well as the quote box under “My Account”. Head to “store profile” and you'll see right where to put them. Here is a link that will take you there so you don't have to navigate. Store Profile on TpT Link

How to Make TpT Products in Canva How to use Canva for Your TpT Business 1 |
Here is where you will upload your profile picture and quote banner.

Your quote banner does not have to be an image, you are welcome to use text instead. I've seen a lot of stores have an arrow pointing to the green star above it, prompting viewers to follow their store.

It's a little confusing to find though, you'll have to go to your dashboard, then head over to marketing, and finally it's under “customize”. Customize my TpT Store by Adding Banners Link

How to Make TpT Products in Canva store page banners |
Here is where to upload your store page images

Then of course, you have your product cover thumbnails. This is often the first and last impression people will have of your store. You will create thumbnails for each product you create, and they will show up here.

How do I make TpT Products in Canva?

My favorite way to use Canva is by using templates. Not THEIR templates, because you can't use their templates to create your own commercial use products, but my own templates I created for my products.

Here is a quick walkthrough of what you can do with Canva when it comes to selling products on TpT:

Planning to sell your canva designs, screen capture from Canva. It's okay to sell your design on merchandise, design and sell templates, with free and pro elements when shared as Canva template links, design and sell templates, with free elements only, shared as PDFs JPGs and PNGs, create designs for clients. YOU MAY NOT RESELL CANVA TEMPLATES OR STOCK ELEMENTS AS IS.
Canva's Terms for Commercial License

You can look over their terms for using Canva for commercial purposes here.

So now that we are crystal clear: Using free elements–or your own elements–you can create awesome products on TpT using Canva.

I highly recommend joining my TpT Facebook group, I walk you through creating a product on TpT every week on Thursday. This is a very complex question, and I review it every week in the group. I can go into much more detail with a video than I can with words, so hop on over!

Can I sell Things I made on Canva on Teachers Pay Teachers?

Yes, as long as you obey their terms of use, you can use products you created on Canva on your TpT store. Avoid pro elements by using your own clip art, and don't use their templates to create your product.

Looking for more advice about selling on TeachersPayTeachers or creating resources?

How to Make TpT Products in Canva Screenshot 2022 08 13 143650 |

Join the Facebook Group for Creating and Selling Educational Printables!

Ready to learn more about creating printables on PowerPoint and selling them on TpT (and other sites!)?

Join my Facebook group!

I go live Thursdays at 9am EST and answer your questions, and show you how to create amazing printables you can sell TODAY!

See you there!

How to use Canva for your TpT business
How to use Canva for your TpT business
How to use Canva for your TpT business

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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  1. Can I use templates or worksheets made by someone else on Canva for my tpt store?

    1. If you have permission to, you can. For example if you buy premade alphabet tracing worksheets that someone created, you can sell that on TpT. Canva’s current Terms of Use prohibit you from taking a Canva template you found on Canva’s interface and selling that.

      As for worksheets made by someone else, you absolutely can sell on TpT if you have permission from them. You can’t sell something you don’t have the rights to, though. Like, you can’t go to TpT right now and download the first thing you find and then resell it. Does that make sense?

      I hope that answers your question fully! Let me know if you have any follow up questions!

  2. Can I download a template for a WS, change it up and put my info and sell in tpt?

    1. If you plan to sell it, it’s very discouraged to use a template from Canva and change it up. Instead, you can start from a blank sheet, add your info, THEN save it and sell on TpT.

  3. Roxanne Fish says:

    What font are you using on your logo and all of your headings?

    1. Hi! These fonts are from Creative Fabrica (my bff haha)

      The chunky one is called DayDreamer (https://www.creativefabrica.com/product/day-dreamer/ref/314164/) I only use it in capital letters, and I just love the look. It’s my favorite font of all time.

      The brush strokes are Mochigan (https://www.creativefabrica.com/product/mochigan-2/ref/314164/) it’s a font due, and they look great together, but I love it by itself. Haha

      Come join me in my Facebook group for quicker answers! 🙂 https://www.bethannaverill.com/fb

  4. Brand new at this, and I think I am just overthinking/stressing myself out. I made my own reading challenge from scratch, can I use a pro font or pro graphic on the challenge?

    1. I think you absolutely can! Check their current terms of use to be sure 🙂

  5. Is there a way to upload an editable version of something I made on Canva to TPT, or will it have to be a PDF?

    1. You can add the link to the Canva template into a PDF to upload to TpT!

  6. I created a planner for high school teachers! I used conva, found a cool cover and added some writing to it and then I created the templates from scratch using images to decorate it through canva. Is this okay to sell on teachers pay teachers? What do u think is best app to make worksheets and other math items?

    1. That’s great! If it’s something that will help teachers, it belongs on Teachers Pay Teachers. I use PowerPoint to create all of my products!

      Hope this helps!

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