How to Create TpT Product Previews

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Inside: These are my best tips understanding Creating Product Previews on TeachersPayTeachers (TpT).

Creating eye catching and informative product previews is an essential part of a successful TpT store. They should be a visual representation of the product you're trying to sell. It should weave a story for your client about not just WHY they should buy it, but what it will change in their life. Product previews on TpT are like a commercial for your product, and they will explode your sales.

TeachersPayTeachers (TpT) is a great platform for selling educational resources, but it can be tough to stand out from the crowd — but don't worry, I'll walk you through it.

You can create professional TpT product previews to showcase your products, and I can show you the best ways. From outlining to more advanced tips and tricks, I'll cover everything you need to create outstanding product previews that help you stand out and drive more sales!

How to make product previews on TpT

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What is a Product Preview on TpT?

A preview on TpT is a document that allows customers to see what they'll get after they purchase your product. Think of it like a commercial, showcasing the best parts and benefits of your product.

Product previews should include images of the product you're selling, text to explain your product better, even mock ups, and actual pictures of your product in action, also known as product photography.

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Previews are an important part of your marketing, TpT has said in seller conferences and confirmed several times that more than half of buyers won't purchase a product without a preview.

TpT has been long known for having blurry thumbnail images, so buyers have come to depend on previews to see clearly the product they're looking for. As a seller, this is your best option to be seen . . . and help teachers make the decision to buy your awesome product.

How do I get a good preview on TpT?

Creating a good preview on TpT is simple. The first step is committing to actually creating one for every product you make.

There are a few types of product previews out there.

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Types of Product Previews:

  • Cover Photo
  • All the thumbnails converted into a PDF
  • The entire file with “preview” written across it
  • A well thought out preview that converts well

Let me explain a bit more about each type.

The cover photo people are those who are just DONE with creating by the time they get to their preview. They don't want to create anymore, it's been too long, and they're ready to just be done and list the product.

After all, something is better that NOTHING, right?


The thing that holds a lot of people back when creating a preview is what I mentioned above. They just finished their product, and then their thumbnails. And they're TIRED, they just want to BE DONE.

I get it!

The solution to this problem is templates. Make creating product previews part of your product creation process. Once you've completed your preview, THEN your product is complete. If it becomes part of your process, then you will be more likely to do it, and not put it off.

How to Avoid People Stealing Your Work

First things first, I want you to let go of the idea you can prevent theft. There will always be dishonest people. We can take reasonable steps, but don't worry too much.

I've found MOST people who struggle with previews are trying too hard to avoid theft.

I get it. One time someone stole one of my pin images, and it was an image of my child's face. I was furious! So I understand how frustrating stealing is, and I understand that it can be paralyzing trying so hard to avoid it.

How to Create TpT Product Previews Lined Paper Product Photo |

Dishonest people are going to steal. This does not mean you should assume everyone will steal.

Think about when you go to a store. If you walked in, and there was a cashier that followed you around, staring at your hands and watching you very closely, making sure you didn't steal . . . would you feel comfortable in that store and want to stay? Or would think they're being too cautious and want to leave as soon as you could?

Assuming everyone is a thief will only hurt you. So get it out of your head. Most TpT users are honest, and just want to see what is included.

There are steps you can take to ensure your products are safe.

The best tip I have is flattening all of your products and all of your previews. I use Flatpack by Bearwood labs. It's a PowerPoint tool that takes each page of your PDF and flattens it, making it so people can't just right click and save pieces of your preview to their computer.

Another thing you can do is use product photography, or mockups. These images will have your product, but usually have something on top of them. Your hand, a pencil, or even writing on top. This makes it more difficult to duplicate.

What size should a TpT preview be?

TpT doesn't give an exact size for previews, but most sellers upload a PDF that is horizontal, meaning 11″ x 8.5″. Since TpT allows you to upload many different file types, you can do anything you'd like. Pick one size and stick to it. I recommend a landscape letter size.

The actual document can be any size, but TpT says most are 1-3 pages.

Make the preview as long as it needs to be to answer all of the questions.

  • What's inside?
  • What to do with this product.
  • Related freebie / product / bundle.
  • Glowing reviews.
  • Inside pages.
  • Highlights of the product in text
  • Mockups / real images.
  • Terms of use.

If they have a question about a product, they're less likely to buy it.

I like to make sure there is lots of white space. Answer all the questions, but don't add so much information that it's overwhelming. Make it simple to read and not too much information.

Do I even need a product preview on TpT?

Do you need product previews on TpT


Like I said earlier, TpT has stated over HALF the purchases on their site occur after someone views the preview.

So add that preview to your product listings, and make lots of money!

Looking for more advice about selling on TeachersPayTeachers or creating resources?

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how to make product previews on TpT
What is a product preview on TpT
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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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