Fourth of July Firework Painting Activity for Preschoolers

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Inside: Fouth of July Firework Painting Activity for Preschoolers with things you have around the house!

There is something magical about fireworks, isn't there? My children wish they were quieter, so we took the day learning and perfecting our Fourth Of July Firework Painting Activity.

Unless you love paint all over everything in your house, I highly recommend spending this time WITH your preschooler while they learn how to stamp these fireworks.

Fourth of Jully Firework Painting Activity for Preschoolers

Summer is a time for learning new things, reviewing old things, and having fun. This craft is delightfully easy, requires very little, and provides a lot of fun and amazement when your little sees the beautiful firework they created!

What you'll need to get started on your firework painting activity

Toilet Paper Roll -(any will do, but try to ensure it's the flimsy kind)

Scissors– You'll need to cut into the roll a lot.

Washable Paint- Click here to go to Amazon and see the exact brand I used.

-Paper to stamp on

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Prepare Your 4th of July Firework Craft, Tips for Success:

I have a few recommendations here. First, you should absolutely put out the paint after all of the cutting is done. It's messy, and kids love putting whatever they can into paint. So do yourself a favor and keep it all one at a time.

Use scissors that are sharp enough to easily cut through the toilet paper roll, because if it just rips, you won't get the pretty lines you want in this craft.

Cut lots and lots and lots of lines to create a big boomy looking firework. Yes, I did make that up, but you know what I mean, right?

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How to Create Firework Painting Activity for Preschoolers

First things first, you need to pick out paper. Normally, I recommend a strong cardstock, but this craft doesn't seem to require special paper. You can use construction paper, (you can grab this black construction paper from Amazon for a great nighttime effect) or cardstock or even just put it on old cardboard.

Second, you need to get your toilet paper roll, and cut slits around one side of the roll. This is all I did for my first stamp and it looked great.

Then I cut one slit all the way up, so the roll was now just a piece of cardboard. I then rolled the tube tightly and taped the end so it all stayed together, and this created a more random looking firework.

Pull the slits out a little so when you dip it, all of the sides know where to go, and you'll get a beautiful burst.

Once you have your stamp, add paint to a paper plate, I put red one one side, and blue on the other, and it created a pretty awesome firework.

Check it out:

Adapt Firework Painting For Younger Kids

To make this craft a little easier, you will want to make sure this stamper has all of the sides pulled out. You might need to do the cutting bit for this part if your child is much younger.

Go ahead an change the colors up, not all fireworks are red and blue, and I've noticed with my children, if they can do a craft in their favorite color, they're much more eager to do it. For us, that would be red for my oldest, blue for my youngest, and my middle dude LOVES green. That's okay to change things around. Fireworks are still fireworks.

Adapt Painting Activity For Older Kids

Use several rolls and use a different one for each color, including a GLITTER paint. This will add depth, and make each firework more unique to the artist.

What Does This Activity for Preschoolers Teach Them?

Everything is a learning experience in this house. This craft is great for scissor skills, cutting all of those slits. The cardboard is a little harder than normal paper, so it might be more difficult than they're used to.

What Will Kids Learn?

Expressing CREATIVITY!

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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