Lowercase h is for Hat Craft for Preschoolers

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Crafting activities are a vital part of preschool education, offering a hands-on way for little ones to learn essential skills. Today, we're diving into a fun and educational project: the ‘h is for hat craft'. This craft is perfect for introducing the lowercase letter ‘h' to your preschooler while engaging their creativity. You'll find this activity not only enhances letter recognition but also sharpens fine motor skills. It's a win-win!

Grab some construction paper, glue, and a pair of scissors, and let's turn learning into a crafty adventure. Whether you're a seasoned crafting parent or new to DIY preschool activities, this guide will walk you through every step with ease and joy.

Lowercase h is for Hat Craft for Preschoolers

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Teaching Preschoolers to Form a Lowercase ‘h'

Introducing the lowercase ‘h' to preschoolers can be a delightful experience filled with visual aids, step-by-step instructions, and fun practice activities. This essential building block will set the stage for many wonderful words and future reading adventures.

Introducing the Letter ‘h'

When introducing the lowercase ‘h', visual aids can make a world of difference. Start by showing your preschooler a picture of a lowercase ‘h'. You can use flashcards, books, or even cut-out letters from colorful paper. Explain that the ‘h' looks a bit like a tall stick with a little bump.

Use everyday items to make it relatable. For example, “h is for hat” is a fun way to link the letter to something familiar. Hang a hat on a peg, and show them how the peg and hat together look like the letter ‘h'. This simple visual trick will help them remember the shape and sound of the letter.

Step-by-Step Writing Guide

Writing the lowercase ‘h' can be easy with a clear step-by-step approach:

  1. Start with the stick: Begin by drawing a straight vertical line from the top to the bottom. This line is like the tall part of a hat stand.
  2. Make the bump: Next, from the middle of the line, draw a small curved bump. Imagine it's the hat hanging off the peg.

Tips for Success:

  • Hand positioning: Show your preschooler how to hold the pencil between their thumb and two fingers. This grip helps them control the pencil better.
  • Stroke order: Practice with them to draw the vertical line first and then add the bump right after. Emphasize the order to build muscle memory.

Practice Activities

Reinforcing the writing of the lowercase ‘h' can be loads of fun with creative activities:

  • Tracing worksheets: Print or create worksheets where kids can trace the lowercase ‘h'. Start with dotted outlines and gradually move to freehand writing.
  • Interactive games: Use sand or shaving cream on a tray and let them trace the ‘h' with their finger. It's a sensory-rich way to practice.
  • Alphabet puzzles: Assemble puzzles that feature lowercase letters, alerting them to match the ‘h' with its objects, like hats.
  • Crafting activities: Integrate the ‘h is for hat craft'. Kids can cut out shapes, glue them together, and see the ‘h' turn into a hat.

Each activity is designed to make learning engaging and memorable. Encourage repetition and celebrate their successes to build confidence and joy in learning.

How to Do this ‘h is for Hat' Craft with Kids

Ready to get crafting? Find the instructions below!

Yield: 1 Lowercase h Craft

Lowercase h is for Hat Craft

Lowercase h is for Hat Craft
Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Difficulty preschool
Estimated Cost $3


  • Construction Paper (brown, yellow, and blue)
  • Glue
  • Marker
  • Printable Template


  • Scissors


  1. Gather your supplies. Lowercase h is for Hat Craft for Preschoolers h is for hat craft preschool 2 |
  2. Use the scissors to cut out the hat template. This will be your guide for tracing.
  3. Place the template on the different colored papers. Use the marker to trace the shapes – brown for the hat, yellow for the letter 'h', and blue for any decorations.
  4. Carefully cut out all the traced shapes. This is a great time to help your child practice their scissor skills. Lowercase h is for Hat Craft for Preschoolers h is for hat craft preschool 3 |
  5. Use the black marker to outline the edges of the cut-out shapes. This will make each piece stand out. Lowercase h is for Hat Craft for Preschoolers h is for hat craft preschool 4 |
  6. Glue the yellow pieces together to form a lowercase 'h'. Make sure the vertical line and the little bump are clearly visible. Lowercase h is for Hat Craft for Preschoolers h is for hat craft preschool 5 |
  7. Use the marker to add details to the hat. Draw patterns, lines, or any design your child likes. This personalizes their craft and makes it unique. Lowercase h is for Hat Craft for Preschoolers h is for hat craft preschool 6 |
  8. Glue the decorated blue bow onto the hat. Then, attach the hat on top of the lowercase 'h'. Lowercase h is for Hat Craft for Preschoolers h is for hat craft preschool 7 |
  9. Let the glue dry completely. Once dry, your child can proudly showcase their 'h is for Hat' craft. Lowercase h is for Hat Craft for Preschoolers h is for hat craft preschool 8 |


  • Safety first, friends! Always be careful when using scissors.
  • Choose your materials wisely for the best results. We want our hat to look top-notch!
  • Don't be afraid to let your creativity run wild!
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    Incorporating the Letter ‘h'

    Now, let's make the lowercase ‘h' the star of this craft. Integrating the letter into the design helps your preschooler see and feel the shape, making it more recognizable.

    1. Focus on the Form: Point out the tall stick and the little bump that form the ‘h'. Compare it to familiar objects, like a hat on a stand.
    2. Design Around the ‘h': Encourage your child to decorate the ‘h' before attaching the hat. They can draw little hats, use stickers, or even color it in their favorite colors. This reinforces the letter's shape and makes the craft more engaging.
    3. Emphasize Sounds: As you work, repeat the sound of ‘h' – “huh, huh, hat.” Connect the sound with the action, helping them link the letter ‘h' with its sound.

    By focusing on these aspects, you'll ensure the letter ‘h' is central to the activity, making it both educational and fun.

    Engaging Preschoolers: Extension Ideas

    Extending the ‘h is for Hat' craft can make learning even more enjoyable for preschoolers. Below are some creative activities that can complement the craft and reinforce the letter ‘h' in fun and engaging ways.

    Storytime with Hats

    Reading books about hats or incorporating stories that feature the letter ‘h' can be a delightful way to complement the craft activity. Storytime helps kids make connections between the craft and the broader world of language and imagination.

    Here are some book suggestions that fit perfectly:

    • “Hats Hats Hats” by Ann Morris: This book showcases various hats from around the world, making it a great starting point for discussions about diversity and culture.
    • “A Hat for Minerva Louise” by Janet Morgan Stoeke: A charming story about a chicken looking for the perfect hat.
    • “Harold and the Purple Crayon” by Crockett Johnson: Although not specifically about hats, this classic features the adventures of Harold, whose name reinforces the letter ‘h'.

    As you read, emphasize the letter ‘h' in each story. Point out how the ‘h' sounds and looks, making the letter more familiar and recognizable for your preschooler.

    Hat Parade

    A hat parade is a joyous event where kids can showcase their crafted hats, reinforcing the day's learning and giving them a sense of accomplishment. Here's how to organize one:

    1. Set the Stage: Clear a space in your living room or classroom for the parade. A long hallway or an open area works best.
    2. Invite an Audience: If possible, gather family members, friends, or classmates to be the audience. They can cheer and celebrate each child's creativity.
    3. Music and Announcements: Play some fun music to set the mood. Announce each child as they walk down the “runway” wearing their handcrafted hats. You can say something like, “Here comes Johnny with his dazzling blue hat!”
    4. Encourage Expression: Allow the kids to strut, twirl, or pose. This encourages creativity and boosts their confidence.

    At the end, consider giving out small awards or certificates for categories like “Most Colorful Hat” or “Best Use of the Letter ‘h'”. This makes the event even more memorable.

    Letter ‘h' Hunt

    A letter ‘h' hunt is an adventurous activity where kids search for items that start with the letter ‘h'. This game not only reinforces letter recognition but also builds vocabulary.

    Here's how to organize the hunt:

    • Prepare a List: Create a list of items that start with the letter ‘h'. Include simple items like hat, hammer, and horse.
    • Set Boundaries: Define the search area, whether it's a single room, the entire house, or the classroom.
    • Explain the Game: Tell the kids they are going on a treasure hunt to find items that start with the letter ‘h'. Show them an example item to get them started.
    • Start the Hunt: Give each child a small bag or basket to collect their findings. Set a timer for 10-15 minutes to add excitement.

    Some ideas for items include:

    • Hat
    • Hammer
    • Handkerchief
    • Helicopter (toy)
    • Hotdog (play food)

    After the hunt, gather everyone and go through their collected items.

    Discuss each one, emphasizing the sound and shape of the letter ‘h'. This not only reinforces learning but also makes the activity interactive and engaging.

    By incorporating these extension ideas, you'll make the ‘h is for Hat' craft an even richer learning experience, full of fun and memorable moments for your preschooler.

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