How to Research New Product Ideas for TpT

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Inside: These are my best tips for figuring out How to Research New Product Ideas for TeachersPayTeachers (TpT)

Teachers are always looking for new and innovative ways to engage their students and make learning more enjoyable, so it's easy to come up with new product ideas you can sell.

You want products that are popular with buyers, and most of all, you want them to sell!

Let me show you my process of researching for new product ideas to help you fill out your shop, and avoid COPYING, which is something you NEVER want to do.

Here's a quick guide to help you:

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How Do You Come Up With Product Ideas for TpT?

To come up with new product ideas, brainstorm what works in your classroom or homeschool. I start with a brain dump after looking at a set of clip art I want to use.

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Coming up with new product ideas is actually my favorite part of this business.

Instead of working on the same thing day in and day out, I am able to put together a new printable set every day.

It's easy to get in your head about new products, but it doesn't have to stop you from creating! Start with an idea, and let's go from there.

Begin Researching Product Ideas with a Clear Vision

There are a few ways to start, but you'll want to be very clear where you want to go with this product.

Think about what you'd like to achieve with this product, and most importantly, think of the student. What will they achieve after interacting with your product?

What format do you want to create? PDF, a set of clip art, boom cards? This is important to know ahead of time. I love printables, and they sell very well, but since the world shut down digital products have been massively popular . . . even after going back to the classroom.

Sell What You Use in Your Classroom on TpT

When it comes to researching products, there is no better place to start than your own classroom.

The best way to ensure your product sells is to use what you are already using.

Make Something That Saves Teachers Time

Ask yourself how you can save your buyer time. One of the main reasons people buy things on TeachersPayTeachers is to save time.

This is a big block I see in a lot of new sellers. They think a new product won't be useful because it's so easy to create. A few clicks of the mouse, and some pretty clip art. Why would someone buy this?

They didn't have to make it. This is why they'll buy your product. The time you spent working on this product is time they won't have to spend.

One of my best sellers is lines on a paper.

Have the audacity. Create the product you think is too simple.

If it saves teachers time, it will sell.

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They're typically willing to pay more for products that save them time and energy.

Make Products Based on Educational Standards

You can check your state's educational standards, request a copy from your local school, or even find common core standards online.

The common core standards are pretty universal, 41 of the United States use them. If you create something based on those, they will likely be able to align with other standards for states that never adapted Common Core like Texas, Nebraska, Alaska or Virginia.

Some teachers search for products based on the standards they align with, so creating and marking in your TpT listing what standard they support will help bring in more sales.

Use Templates You've Already Created to Make New Products

Create a folder of all your products that you can duplicate and adjust for new products, then use those to create new products.

If you have a set of Halloween math worksheets, how difficult would it be to switch the words to make them autumn themed instead? I bet it would be pretty easy!

Take the hard work out of creating new products by using templates.

Brain Dump to Create New Educational Resources

This is my favorite way to come up with new product ideas. I'll pull up a new set of clip art, or something I want to use to create with, and write down all the ideas that pop into my head when I look at it.

High quality clip art is essential for creating great resources people want to buy.

Have a Swipe File to Pull From

In marketing, a swipe file is a pool of ideas for titles, research, and clippings that copywriters would later use to inspire their work.

You can do the same thing!

Take screenshots of things that inspire you to create something, or videos, or even your own kids. My son drew a picture and my daughter used it as a lacing card which inspired me to start creating more of them. I took a picture of their contraption, and now it lives in my swipe file.

When I see it, I remember how fun lacing cards are for kids, and I am inspired to create more of them.

Can You Sell Canva Designs on TpT?

You can sell Canva designs on TeachersPayTeachers, but they must be your own work. You may not sell their pre-made templates, or anything you created using their pre-made template.

Keep in mind to sell TEMPLATES, you will need a Canva pro account (you can grab your free 30 day trial here to see if you like it!)

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Looking for more advice about selling on TeachersPayTeachers or creating resources?

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