C is for Cat Craft for Preschoolers

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Are you on the lookout for a fantastic C is for Cat preschool craft? Well, look no further, because you've just hit the jackpot. Learning the ABCs doesn't have to be a snooze-fest, and we're here to prove it. In this article, we're going to dive headfirst into the wondrous world of crafting, where C stands not just for ‘cat' but also for ‘creativity.' We've got an easy-peasy project that'll help your little ones master their letters while having a blast. So, grab your colored paper, glue, and scissors, and let's embark on this adventure that's as fun as a box of kittens!

c is for cat craft for preschoolers

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Teaching Preschoolers to Form the Letter C

Let's dive into the exciting world of forming the letter “C.” It's as easy as drawing a cat's whisker in the sky! Here's how it goes:

Start at the Top and Pull Back and Around: To create the letter “C,” we begin at the top and pull back and around, but stop just short of making a full “O.” It's like drawing a curved line in the air, much like a cat's elegant whisker.

Show Them the “C” in the Sky: As you demonstrate this step, put your hand in the air and “write” the letter “C” in the sky. Start at the top and pull back and around, just as you explained. This visual demonstration helps kids grasp the concept.

Encourage Them to Give It a Try: Now it's their turn! Encourage the little ones to put their finger at the top and pull back and around. Remind them to stop just before making an “O.” It's like drawing a whisker in the sky, just like a cat would!

Practice, Practice, Practice: Reiterate the steps and encourage them to practice forming the letter “C.” It may take a few tries, but soon they'll be pros at it.

With the letter “C” mastered, it's time to engage their curiosity further. Encourage them to spot the letter “C” in their everyday environment. Here are some questions to stimulate their imagination:

  • Can you spot something in the room that has the letter “C” on it?
  • Can you name any animals that start with the letter “C,” just like our crafty cat?
  • Do you see any signs or labels nearby with the letter “C”?

These questions will ignite their observational skills and make learning an exciting adventure. With their newfound knowledge of forming the letter “C” and their appreciation for it in the world around them, it's time to dive into our playful cat-themed craft!

Ready to Grab That Letter C Craft Template? Get it here

How to Make This C is for Cat Craft with Preschoolers

Ready to get crafting? Find the instructions below!

Yield: 1 Letter C Craft

C is for Cat Craft

C is for Cat Craft
Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Difficulty preschool
Estimated Cost $3


  • Template
  • Colored or Construction Paper (Black and Pink)
  • White Paper
  • Marker


  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick


  1. Gather your supplies. c is for cat craft preschool 2 |
  2. Cut out the provided template using scissors. c is for cat craft preschool 3 |
  3. Trace the letter "C" onto colored or construction paper and cut it out. c is for cat craft preschool 4 | c is for cat craft preschool 5 |
  4. Assemble the letter "C" and the cat's tail and ears by using glue. Place the parts appropriately. c is for cat craft preschool 6 |
  5. Use a black marker to draw a pattern inside the cat's eyes. c is for cat craft preschool 7 |
  6. Glue the cat's eyes at the upper middle section of the letter "C." c is for cat craft preschool 9 |
  7. Combine the remaining parts, then glue them together. Let the pink nose be on top of the white whiskers. c is for cat craft preschool 8 |
  8. Finalize your craft by attaching the nose and whiskers below the cat's eyes. c is for cat craft preschool 10 |
  9. Once the glue is all dried put your C is for Cat up on display! c is for cat craft preschool 11 |


  • Use safe tools like blunt-tip scissors and washable glue to ensure a child-friendly crafting experience.
  • Keep a watchful eye on your child as they craft to ensure safety with scissors and glue.
  • Lay down a craft mat or newspaper to contain any mess made during the crafting process, making cleanup a breeze.
  • Let your child explore with colors and shapes to encourage their creativity and let their imagination run wild.
  • Praise and celebrate your child's finished craft to boost their confidence and make the experience more enjoyable, turning crafting into a positive and rewarding adventure.

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