Its Back to School Time with Colorful Clip Cards for Preschoolers

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Inside: Back to School Clip Cards for your preschooler, because learning colors is fun!

It's back to school season! This back-to-school themed set of clip cards is perfect for preschoolers. They can practice colors with these fun, bright, and adorable back to school clip cards. With the back to school clip card set, children will have lots of fun practicing their skills in a creative way!

Back to School Clip Cards are a fun way to practice those baseline colors while also seeing backpacks, school supplies and the ever popular school bus.

They're perfect for parents, teachers, and homeschoolers. I can't get enough of these cute little wise owls. With this set, kids will be back to learning in no time!

Back to School Clip cards

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Preschool Back to School Clip Cards

If you're doing these at home, make sure you put the whole set together beforehand, to avoid the craziness of printing, laminating and cutting out of your life while your children are waiting as patiently as their little bodies can. Don't put off the prep on these.

Start the night before and have everything ready to go.

Laminating is your personal insurance that you'll be able to use these printables again. Do this ahead of time too, because your laminator will take longer than you expect when you're in a rush.

Let's keep that chaos out of our life and just prepare this ahead of time. I like to print everything the night before, laminate them, and have everything ready to go when I am ready for learning time with the kids.

For these cards it will take a little bit of preparation. You'll need to print them out, laminate, then cut out.

Here is the list of everything you need.

-The clip cards! Grab them by clicking here, or on the image below:

Work on Colors with your Preschooler with these back to school color clip cards

A laminator If you want to keep these printables around as long as you can, so I recommend laminating the pages so you can get the most use out of them. I have three children, so these cards get a lot of use.

-Scissors- You have to cut out the cards, you can use scissors, or this fancy paper cutter.

Manipulatives– This is just a fancy word for something they can use with their hands to create or solve the problem with. So you can use anything you have on hand. Pompoms, tiny erasers, or clothespins to help those fine motor skills muscles. I always go for the clothespins, because opening them is SO good for those muscles they'll need when they start writing.

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What are Clip Cards?

Most commonly clip cards are used in preschool and kindergarten classrooms or in homeschool settings. The idea behind clip cards is your little learner will use a clothespin to correctly identify — or clip–the answer of the skill you're trying to learn or practice. They are usually used to identify alphabet letters, shapes, colors, or numbers. They're basic, easy, and perfect for preschoolers, but kindergarten students love them too.

Clip cards are a mix of hand's-on math and fine motor skills like pincer grasp, read more about how essential practicing pincer grasp is here.

I like to keep my clip cards super simple. A primary image — large and the main focus, then a few answers to choose from. This reduces the chances of students just blindly guessing because there are so many options.

Students practice their one-to-one correspondence, a necessary skill in kindergarten.

How Do You Use Clip Cards?

To use, print them off, laminate them to get the most use (once laminated they won't tear easily, so you can reuse later!) then show your child how to use them.

Look at the picture with your student or child, and talk about what they see. Can they name the object? Let's talk about the colors underneath now.

  • Ask them to say the name of the object
  • Ask them the name of the colors they see in the picture
  • Ask them which color is MOST of the picture
  • Do they see the color in one of these circles underneath?
  • Ask them to use the clothespin to mark the correct answer.
  • How can they check their answer?

Clip cards are an easy and fun activity that kids love working on. I love them because they're a fun way to work on fine motor muscles we need to work on for their writing skills later.

Prepare Your Back to School Clip Cards Printable

This is pretty self explanatory, but I still get questions, and I want to make sure you're getting the most of your products, so if you already know everything you need and what to do, feel free to scroll on by.

  • Gather supplies; your pages, laminator, scissors and clothespins.
  • Laminate all the pages. This allows the cards to be used more than once, even year after year.
  • Cut out each of the cards, they have thick black lines around their edges, make sure you don't cut off the answer circles.

Then boom! You're ready!

Storing Clip Cards

Storage is simple, pop these cards with clothespins into a plastic pencil case to keep them safe. This keeps all the pieces together so students can easily grab them and bring them to their workspace.

There are two different sets, so you can have an easier set at first to use, then when they're ready you can bump up the difficulty. I'd recommend storing them differently.

If you'd like to make this a game they can play in the car, use a holepunch to create a hole in the top corner of each card, then attach them onto a binder ring to keep them together.

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Back to School Colors Clip Cards

These cards were put together lovingly by me, with preparing my kids for kindergarten in mind. I love creating things my kids will love and enjoy, and will help boost their knowledge.

Each card contains a large object we generally associate with back to school, like school supplies, school buses, some wise owls, etc. and along the bottom has three choices of colors, in circles. Your child will use a clothespin or other manipulative to pick their choice of what the color represented is.

This is the easy cards.

The more difficult cards have the name of the color underneath for them to choose from instead of a filled circle. This means students will need to recognize the name of the color they want to choose.

Clip Cards for Kindergarten

You can make these work for kindergarten students and preschool students because of the different levels of difficulty. We always start with the easier cards, then switch to the more challenging cards if it becomes too easy, or they fly right through them.

My kindergartener is learning to read, so it's fun for us to talk about all the words he sees on the paper. Some colors are super easy, like pink and blue, while other take a little more work like purple.

Get the Printable Here

Here is another opportunity go grab that printable. I know it will be a favorite! Grab it here:

Back to School Clip cards

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