A is for Alligator Craft for Preschoolers

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Are you eager to introduce the wonders of the alphabet to your little ones? Well, you've landed in the right spot! Today, we're venturing into the captivating realm of the letter “A.” What's our chosen path, you wonder? It's a delightful journey through the crafty creation of an A is for Alligator masterpiece! This adventure promises a captivating learning experience for preschoolers, accompanied by a treasure trove of tips and additional resources to make it a roaring success.

A is for Alligator Preschool Craft

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Teaching Preschoolers How to Form the Letter A

Learning the letter “A” with preschoolers can be an adventure, a journey filled with curiosity and wonder. Here's how to explain it to young learners:

Start at the Top and Slant Down: Begin by explaining that we start at the top and slant down. It's like sliding down a little hill. You can say, “We begin at the top, and then we slant down, just like sliding down a tiny hill.”

Go Back to the Top and Slant Down the Other Way: Next, describe that we go back to the top and slant down in the opposite direction. This forms the second slanting line of the letter “A.” You can explain, “Now, we go back to the top and slant down the other way, creating a second slope.”

Add a Horizontal Line: Finally, show them how to go across at the bottom to connect the two slanting lines. You can say, “To complete the letter “A,” we add a straight line across at the bottom, connecting the two slopes.”

Demonstrate in the Air: To make it interactive, demonstrate by putting your hand in the air and “writing” the letter “A” with your finger. As you do this, repeat the steps verbally: “Start at the top and slant down. Then go back to the top and slant down the other way. Finally, go across.”

Encourage Their Turn: Encourage the children to try it on their own. Remind them to start at the top, slant down, go back to the top, slant down the other way, and then go across.

After learning how to make the letter “A,” kids can begin to recognize it in their environment. Here are some questions to ask your little ones:

  1. Can you spot something in the room that has the letter “A” on it?
  2. Can you name any animals that start with the letter “A”?
  3. Do you see any signs or labels nearby with the letter “A”?

These questions encourage children to engage with the letter “A” in their everyday surroundings, making the learning experience more interactive and memorable. With their newfound knowledge of forming the letter “A” and their observational skills sharpened, it's time to dive into our playful alligator craft!

How to Make This A is for Alligator Craft with Preschoolers

Ready to get crafting? Find the instructions below!

Yield: 1 Letter A Craft

A is for Alligator Craft

A is for Alligator Craft
Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Difficulty preschool
Estimated Cost $3


  • Colored or Construction Paper (Green)
  • Googly Eyes
  • Template


  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick


  1. Lay out all the materials and tools on a clean, flat surface. Make sure you have enough space to work comfortably. a is for alligator craft preschool 2 |
  2. Using the scissors, carefully cut out the provided template of the letter A (which looks like an alligator shape). a is for alligator craft preschool 3 |
  3. Place the cut-out template on the green colored paper and trace the letter A shape. This is where you'll create your alligator. a is for alligator craft preschool 4 |
  4. Using the scissors, carefully cut along the traced lines to create your green letter A alligator shape. a is for alligator craft preschool 5 |
  5. Take a moment to appreciate the alligator's grin, and then add some teeth. You'll notice that the top of your letter A looks like the alligator's open mouth. With a zigzag pattern, cut out small white teeth from a scrap piece of paper and glue them onto the top part of your letter A. a is for alligator craft preschool 6 |
  6. Now, it's time to give your alligator some eyes! Use the glue stick to attach the googly eyes to the upper right corner of the letter A. Your alligator is coming to life! a is for alligator craft preschool 7 |
  7. Once the glue is completely dry, display your alligator craft proudly. You've created an adorable alligator using the letter A! a is for alligator craft preschool 8 |


  • Offer clear step-by-step guidance to make the crafting process easy to follow.
  • Use child-friendly tools and materials, like safety scissors with blunt tips and washable glue.
  • Encourage creativity by allowing kids to personalize their alligator with colors and decorations.
  • Maintain close supervision, especially when children are handling scissors, paint, or glue.
  • Celebrate their achievements by displaying their crafts and offering praise to boost their confidence.

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