10 Remarkable Sunday Tips For a Successful Week

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My most successful weeks start on Sunday. When you are intentional with your plans for the week, you'll see great success. Sunday is a game changer.

Sunday can shape your whole week through a day of productivity and relaxation. It's the perfect day to prepare for a successful week. It is the day to plan out your outfit, meals, grocery shopping, chores, tasks and even exercises for the week. About an hour a week of planning will change the outcome of your week.

How to Make Sunday Productive

A little planning will go a long way. A couple hours once a week can save you hours during your most stressful times. Planning ahead of time will reduce your decision fatigue, so you can star your day with less stress, or end your evening without feeling overwhelmed.

Looking ahead at a few things will make your whole week run smoother.

sunday productivity tips to have the most productive week of your life

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How to Prepare for a Productive Week

There are a few things you can look at and plan for each week to ensure success. Each item on this list represents decisions you have to make sometime.

You can make the decision when you're here and ready to make it –batch deciding is way easier than deciding on the go– instead of stressing or disregarding later. For example, self care. If you don't plan for it, will you actually do it?

Meals For The Week
Write Out Grocery List and Plan Day To Go
Chores, Baths and Tasks
Self Care
Morning Routine
Learn Something (and implement)
Reflect On Your Week

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Intentionally Plan Your Sunday

Let's go a little more in depth about these things, along with other ways you can streamline your week.


Weekly Meal Planning

This is my favorite way to save decisions later in the week. At 4pm Tuesday afternoon, if you don't already have a plan for dinner, you're going to make bad (probably expensive) decisions that aren't great for your health or wallet.

You have to eat every day, you might as well plan for it

The best way to do this is to write down meals you want to try, or meals you know you'll eat this week. If you do tacos on Tuesday, or go out to dinner every Friday, then plan for it.

Here are a few great ways to find meals for the week:

Check fridge for meat or vegetables you can use in a mealMeals you know your children will eat
Ask Friends for their favorite mealsCheck a cookbook you've had forever
Try a theme (like taco Tuesday or pizza Friday)Meals you already love

It will come as no surprise that your easiest meal will be one you already know and love, like that easy meatloaf you've happily made your whole life.

I am easily overwhelmed so I like looking for done-for-you meal plans, such as this paleo starter meal plan by Irena Macri. Each week has a printable plan, with what to create ahead of time, what to buy, and when to cook each meal. Best of all: It's free.

This planner is great for meal planning, it has a spot for each day and meal, as well as a spot for any shopping lists you'd need. Check the price at Life and Apples Here.

Plan Your Outfits

This isn't just for you. If I'll be honest, I'm mostly worried about my kids here.

They can never find their socks, and if they can, it's usually a hassle to get them onto the feet, and somehow they go missing when they're ready to put shoes on. Uck.

A plan makes this whole system a lot easier. Set out tops, bottoms, dresses (and bows), socks, and shoes for each day of the week. I like to put them each on their own hanger for each child to easily find and access on their own.

Dirty clothes baskets where they normally change will make your laundry life a lot easier too. This way you won't have to remind them to take their dirty clothes to the dirty clothes basket.

If you need a plan for laundry, I have a great weekly printable you can find here: The Best Laundry Routines for Moms.


Make Lists for the Week

Lists are my favorite way to organize. There are so many you can use to see success this week. Here are a few of my favorites:

Grocery List (created from your meal plan)
Workouts You Want to Try This Week
Household Tasks You Want to Complete (like cleaning out the fridge)
Learning (classes or courses you want to consume, and how you will put it into practice)
Self Care to Work On

Read More: The Ultimate List of Lists

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Reflect on Your Week

Each week is a new opportunity to find success. Having a check in day will help you see what exactly is working for you, and what you don't need or want to change.

Weekly Reflection Journal Prompts

What worked this week?
What went poorly this week?
Was this week productive?
What do I want to do differently?
Goal Check In:
What steps did I achieve towards my goal?
What adjustments should I make?
What is the next right step?
How can I carry my success to next week?

Products to Help You Plan Your Week

First, you'll want a good planner, I have several I love, and InkWELL press is an old favorite of mine. Look at how beautiful the cover is!

Meal Planner / Multicolor Triangle

Here are a few other InkWELL Planner products that are super helpful, and so beautiful:

You can click any of those links to view the current price on their Web site and see if they're perfect for you.

Another wonderful resource I have available for readers is the morning routine printable. Use these sheets to ensure you'll have a successful and easy day.

Morning Planner Freebie Picture TLOONNW |

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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  1. It is really good to connect to you via Heather Reese! I subscribed to your blog. I like your website!
    Heather Hammett

  2. For us, I prefer to use Monday for getting organized, but having a set day of the week does help a lot. When I’m really on my “A game” I plan meals for 2 weeks since that’s how our paychecks are spaced out. It does a great deal of eliminating the “what’s for supper blues.” I had never thought to plan outfits for the week. Since I have boys, they are not super cute ultra coordinated outfits. They have clean shirts, and clean jeans. They put together their own outfits. I can see where that would be handy if the kids were smaller.

  3. These Sunday tips are perfect. I do a pretty good job of planning out my goals on Sunday, but adding a few of these tips like meal planning and reflection will be awesome additions.

    I’m off to check out the cleaning printable. I need a more regular cleaning routine! 🙂

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