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Hi! I'm Beth Ann!

I own this blog, The Life of a Navy Nuke Wife, and my message is simple:

YOU can have the patience to have a BEAUTIFUL relationship with your children.

Welcome, Ultimate Bundles! paint cover |

You can ENJOY motherhood,

even when it's stressful!

And, Mama, it doesn't just end there.

You. You are enough. You are EVERYTHING those little ones need in their lives.

I will not let you think you are not good enough, or your children are better off without you, or you are too overwhelmed to spend time with your children.

Those things your brain tells you when you feel defeated? They're lies.

I have been there. I have thought my children deserve a better mom.

I have thought they would be better off without me.

But then I looked at my life. I talked with other moms and my own mother. I realized I wasn't alone in thinking this awful thought.

And you know what I learned?

We all think this. We all think we are awful moms.

It's a sign of the times, not a sign of our value.

Take a look around and see some of the messages I am trying to share here, and see if they resonate with you: