Do you suffer from anxiety?

You know, sweaty hands, headaches, feeling like you're going to explode if someone comes and talks to you?

Girl, me too.

Welcome, you've found your home on the internet. I have been waiting for you.

bethandfam |

I'm Beth Ann. Check out our adorable family. I want to tell you that our life is beautiful and we are always happy, like in this picture.

But we aren't.

The little dude?

He grew into a crazy three-year-old who only likes to scream.
I don't think I've heard his normal voice in months.

And before he started screaming? He was singing. He particularly loved singing “fuck” for hours on end.

Parenting has been such an adventure for us.

My husband is in the Navy, as you can see by the URL, but I don't often write about Navy life.

chiefyfriends |

I do write about social anxiety, and finding ways to find happiness when you're living in chaos.

Here are a few of my favorite posts. Click the links to see them.

One time, I quit biting my nails. A coping mechanism I used for 30 years.

Magnesium is the most underrated nutrient you aren't getting enough of, and here's why.

Social Anxiety? I have an ultimate guide for that!

I want you to know how to practice self-care, so ALL MOMS can be less overwhelmed. Check out the post about creating a morning routine here.

While you're doing self-care, maybe you can read a self-help book, and get the most out of it, post here!

Lastly, I put together a freebie with you in mind, it's journaling prompts for stress.
I think journaling is so necessary for finding our triggers and helping relieve those anxiety symptoms. You'll love it!

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