Top 7 Reasons To Have a Changing Table

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I'm pretty old fashioned when it comes to some parts of parenting. Diaper changing is one of those things. I like to have a dedicated and well stocked area to change bums. I like that when we go into the room with the changing table, my children understand that we will be changing their butts. I like that my daughter stands next to my son's face while he is getting changed and tells him it's okay and strokes his little face. All of this is made possible by the use of my changing table.

My changing table has been so heavily used. It's falling apart, actually. The bottom shelf is only half connected, and has a little water damage from being used so much. After we are done with diapers it's most likely going in the trash, if we have another I don't think it would survive! But I am so glad we got it! Having a changing station has been crucial to my parenting, I think.

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So why should you, reading this page right now, have a dedicated changing station for your child? Well, for starters, it's more for you than your children. I find it quite simple, here are a few reasons why I think every parent of infants and toddlers needs a changing table:

1. You know where your diapers are at any given time. This is important, at least to me. I'm the least organized person ever (I put up a good front on the internet, but my non internet friends know, haha) so if I didn't have a spot for every type of diaper than I wouldn't be able to find them. When your kid has a poopslosion, the last thing you want to do is look around frantically for a diaper, and then for the wipes. And where the heck is another insert?!?!

2. You can very easily tell when you need to do diaper laundry. All right, we only have three wipes left. Let's start a load of diapers and PRAY TO THE DIAPER GODS that no one poops! And if they do . . . hey universal bath time!

3. Asking older children for help is much easier. I think this goes with number one. I often ask my daughter to help me by getting a cover from the pile for my son. She usually tells me all the colors that she sees, and then she almost always picks the blue one, because that's her current favorite color.

4. You can have changing table toys that are only for the changing table. Before we leave the changing table, we always put the toy back where it goes, and it's worked wonders! We ask the babies if they want to play with the ball on the changing table, or the wipes, or whatever we have on the changing table that week. Some times it works, other times they want to bring their own toy.

5. Poop smells from wet bags and tushie changes is concentrated in one spot of your house, not the entire house. This is a big one for me. Without a designated area to change the bumbums, I would change my kids everywhere. I feel like there would be discarded diapers everywhere, and my whole house would smell terribly of urine. This is definitely not a nightmare that I have had several times . . .

6. Bum creams are always right where you need them. There was a dark time in my life when I didn't have a basket right next to my changing table where I put all of my bum cream. I don't talk about it often, but it's a part of my past I must own. Awareness is key. I was, and continue to be . . . a bum cream hoarder. *sigh* there, I said it. Whew. So when I need bum cream for my cute little baby's tushies, I like to have a large variety at my fingertips. Before I put the basket there, I often had to look under the changing table, around the room, in every little cubby hole of their toy room, and try to find one. This basket has changed my life.

7. Changing pad covers. Not JUST changing pad covers, I'm talking like . . . pretty, happy, personalized changing pad covers. Let's talk more in depth about this.

Changing pad covers are my new favorite thing about changing my children. Before now, I had a $20 changing pad cover from Target. Sometimes they have cute ones now, but when I bought it, it was $20 and white, with a little pink trim around the outside (you can see it up in the picture before the list, that was taken when it was new). Someone else bought us a pink one that looked like a towel. It was terrible, crunchy, held on to stains like a bad habit, and it was uncomfortable to even look at let alone put my child on. I constantly put down prefolds to cover up stains and avoid new ones, as well as try to make it a little softer for their delicate bums. After a few washes they both fell apart quickly. The elastic was showing, fraying, and the small amount of cushion they had was quickly disappearing. I was so disappointed. I went back to Target, and was faced with the same disappointing variety of products I had seen before, and was discouraged by the foresight into the future of those changing pad covers.

I came home, and I looked online for something better. I found Baby Bee Mod on Etsy. She has listed several adorable prints for changing pad covers. They're only $25, and you aren't going to have to replace them after one wash. I've tried washing this one several times, I've gotten some poopsplosion on it, and it's all come clean, and it's still holding up great after several weeks of constant use. Realistically, you're putting your child on this fabric more than a few times a day. You want it to be soft, well made, and fun. This product is all of that. I feel like it's softer every time I wash it, and I've seen no wear and tear yet, when I had definitely observed it with the other pad covers.  The elastic is encased all the way around, so you don't have to worry about it coming apart, like the cheaper ones I used before. Here is a comparison:

Unfortunately, this wonderfully made changing pad cover is no longer available. I have searched high and low, ordered several varieties, and listened to readers who have provided suggestions! Finally, I have found a few comparable alternatives. 

Here is the first alternative: I love the softness. It's a jersey knit cotton and soft, washable, and adorable.  Another thing I love is the print. It's gender neutral, but this brand has several types and they're all very beautiful. I would happily use all of them for my children!

My second alternative: This specific one is a “boy print” and came highly suggested from my reader, Debra. She said it feels like the delightful muslin material like swaddling blankets only thicker. Sounds like a winner to me!

It's like night and day. You're going to be using these things all day every day, why not buy something that will last, and you'll enjoy using? Here is my son playing peek a boo on it!

My babies love this new changing pad cover too, my daughter loves talking about the crabs, lighthouses, anchors, and captain's wheels.

Do you use a changing table?
What do you love about using it?

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  1. Yeah, I agree this is mandatory. Everything in one spot. Smells all in one spot. Knowing where the diaper wipes are, even when wrestling a baby, while holding a dirty diaper in the other hand. 🙂

  2. Haha my husband asked me how I can manage to wrestle our son in one hand and put the diaper in the wet bag with my other hand.


  3. That's what I thought! And on a changing table! How perfect! We have ours right up against the window, so my window sill is just things my son threw off the changing table. Haha!

  4. Yes Yes Yes!! I love our changing table!! the cover gives the room character and its so much more ergonomical for hubby and I!! Plus its nice and padded and Im no laying my son on the floor constantly!! There's been a few nights when Ive changed him and magically kept him asleep on there!! Can't speak highly enough about them!!

  5. We didn't have a changing table but I will definitely have one with baby number 2. The only reason we didn't buy one is because we had no place for it to go.

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