Last Minute Patriotic Dishes

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Fourth of July Dishes to Pass. Patriotic Meals. Fourth of July food to make. Patriotic Food.

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Here we are, just days before the Fourth of July, and you've been invited to a pot luck and have no idea what to bring. You want something easy but also fun, and it has to be delicious. It's all about being patriotic, the more ways to add in red, white, and blue, or stars and stripes, the better. For those of you like me who put things off until the very last minute, this round up is for you. I don't want you to worry about what you'll bring to a pot luck, let me take care of that. I put together seven beautiful dishes to pass at your next get together. These are great and simple to change for other holidays too.

1. Red White and Blue Parfaits from To Simply Inspire

Red White And Blue Parfaits |

First we have a great breakfast option. This beautiful parfait can be made to your own preferences. Do you love raspberries? Blackberries? Maybe you're a big chia seed fan. If you want to replace the yogurt with chia pudding, I have the perfect recipe for you. Choose your favorite granola, and enjoy!

2. Fourth of July Deviled Eggs from Singing Through the Rain

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This is an awesome statement dish. The blue is so bright and beautiful, people are bound to notice it. Dress up a simple recipe that everyone loves and make it unique to your event. The only thing I would change about this recipe is how the eggs are cooked. I love hard boiling eggs in the Instant Pot. Really, I love every single thing I can possibly put in the Instant Pot when it's in the Instant Pot. You can finish those eggs in twenty minutes. What's not to love?

3. Patriotic Popcorn Crunch from This Mama Loves

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I love this recipe because it's so easy and pretty. You can customize this recipe for other holidays also. I love how bright it is. I would add some red or blue icing tossed into this as well, or perhaps some M&Ms if I could find some locally. The possibilities are endless for mixing in to popcorn.

4. Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches from Cincy Shopper

Ice Cream Sandwiches |

This is definitely more of an indoor food, not really something you can bring to a picnic and leave on the table until someone comes and eats it. But this would be so fun to make with the kids, they love adding sprinkles to things, and they would love this.

5. Red, White, and Blue Trifle from ChicnSavvy Reviews

red white and blue trifle |

This list is full of simple to prepare, shareable food. This is another great example. This could be created the morning of a party, and be ready by the afternoon. I love how it looks like you spend a lot of time on these, when you can do it the day of!

6. American Cherry Pie from The Food Charlatan

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What is more American than pie? Pie with stars and stripes! Talk about a conversation piece, this beautiful pie will be the talk of the party. This is the one recipe you should probably bake the evening before, but, it's still pretty last minute.

7. Marshmallow Pinwheels from Home Cooking Memories

4th of July Marshmallow Pinwheels |

Full disclosure, this is the entire reason I wanted to make this post. I am so in love with these. They're beautiful, simple to make, and so ridiculously fun. I feel like these would be such a hit for the children and young at heart. Simple yet beautiful.

There you have it, 7 beautiful and simple dishes to pass at your patriotic party this week. So go shopping and get a few things so you can make these awesomely social media shareable dishes tomorrow!

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What is your go to pot luck meal?

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