How to Build a Personalized Command Center

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Command centers are sort of a big deal today. If you go on Pinterest and look them up, there are so many different varieties. Some have color coordination, or chore charts, or flowers, sometimes there are mason jars, there are even chalk boards. Each one is uniquely made for the household using it.

When I set out to make a command center, we had just decided that we were going to get out of our apartment and into a house, we were sick of the place we were living (and the fifteen stinking apartments before that) and we wanted out. When my children napped, I planned out aspects of our house, including my children's rooms and my new command center that I so desperately wanted.

I don't think of myself as a particularly original or awesome decorator. I find things I like on Pinterest and I copy them. But this was my first truly original work of beauty, and I'm so excited to share it with you.

First, you'll need a plan. I looked at my entryway, and the clutter that had accumulated there over the week. What did I need a spot for, and what did I want to have available for ease of use. I encourage you to do the same. For a week let things clutter, after you come home look at what you have available, and what do you need?

Some things that I find command centers need are shopping lists, menu plans, calendars and a place to put your keys and mail. This is all unique to each person though.

My command center has a place for my recipes, which I want to put vinyl on, but haven't yet. It also has a clip board for the recipe for dinner of the day, a calendar for appointments and such, a set of mason jars to hold pens, stamps and receipts, and a mail holder. There is a clock because it's just needed something else, and a place to put my keys and the doggie's leash. Under here is also a place for doggy bags and wallets. Below all of it is a cute reading center we created for my daughter last year. I love that it's lime green, it really compliments the purple of this room!

I spent a few months picking out my perfect pieces, and even had my father help me out by making me a recipe box. I think it all comes together beautifully!

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So here's the run down:

1. Watch your clutter in your entry way for a few days, and see what needs a home. If everything has a home, you have no clutter!

2. Make a list of all the necessities. Perhaps draw a little doodle of how you want things put. But remember that this will probably change before you find all the pieces you love and have to have. It's just a rough draft!

3. Measure your area, and buy pieces that will fit. After you have acquired everything you want, lay it on the floor and change things around until you have something you like.

4. If you move a lot, like us (which if you're reading this, you probably do too!) then some good command strips will hold all of this together happily! Also, if you use command strips you can change it around later.

5. Take pictures, and enjoy! Don't forget to share them with me! I love looking at command centers!

Thanks for reading, I hope you found this helpful! Do you have a command center? Do you need help deciding what you need? Let me know! I'm happy to help!
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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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  1. Hey! I've never heard of a command center. At first, since you are a fellow Navy wife, I thought this would be a military specific thing. This is such a nice idea. We just built a nice new house and I'm wondering where I might do something like this here.

  2. I've been working on a command center in my kitchen my only problem is hubby's clutter. Pocket knives, tools, sunglasses, etc that he doesn't want me to put up. I hate clutter

  3. We don't have space for a command center but I am always jealous of them!

  4. Whoops! Not military related at all! I can see where the misjudgment can arise.

    This has been helpful in decluttering our house. The entryway is where most of our clutter lives, I can't imagine living without one of these now!

  5. That's frustrating! Have you tried a new husband!?

    HA! I kid, I kid. But that does sound frustrating. Perhaps a pretty basket? Punch in the nose? 😛

    We have our sunglasses and wallets on top of our key shelf!

  6. Aw man, that sounds terrible! We didn't have the space for it in our apartment we had before moving into this house either. We just had a white board with one hook on it for all of our things. The thing fell off the wall three or four times a month, I hated it!

    I feel your pain. 🙂

  7. This is very cool! I do wish my bedroom had a larger space so I could actually do this. I so want one!

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