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I love when Halloween is cute. I don’t like the scary stuff, the bloody stuff, or the creepy things.

Maybe you’re this way too, you like the pumpkins, the spiders with adorable and silly faces. This is the way I am too.

If you’re like me, and you enjoy the adorable instead of the . . . creeptastic, or you want to have something you can put up in your child’s room, I have JUST the thing.

Free Cute Halloween Printables for Your Home

You won’t find spooky here, you’ll find lots of happy ghosts, pretty word art, and watercolor galore in this printable pack.

These are printer friendly, but if you find yourself needing to take them somewhere, Walgreens almost always has a sale going on, and you can use them to get your printables printed for SUPER cheap.

We actually just tape a lot of art on our walls, so we likely will not be framing these, but IKEA has my favorite inexpensive frames, they come with a mat and look very professional, but are inexpensive.

You Can Find This Printable Collection in My Shop

Thank you for supporting my small business, but since I did promise you some printables too, here are a few of my favorites:

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Here is the printable collection again. Click the picture to go see it in my shop.

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