Best At-Home Beginner Workout Videos

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When I searched “free beginner workouts” on YouTube at the beginning of this crazy week, I was immediately overwhelmed by all the options.

I didn't even know what kind of workout I was looking for. When I looked it up, I found so many big strong men showing me how to lift weights. Not really my jam.

You might need something to make it through your isolation, and I'm here to help.

Here they are:

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Best Workouts for Beginners

It's so intimidating to look around for something, so let's break down that barrier. You don't need something as silly as indecisiveness to hold you back from getting those happy endorphins.

Nothing is more disheartening than finding out you need expensive equipment, or skills you don't have yet to complete a workout. It makes me so overwhelmed I usually give up.

We don't have to give up, we just have to dig a little deeper, and I did that for you here.

Low Impact Workouts

It's no secret I love walking. With this new lock-down ahead of us, I wrote a post about the benefits of walking. Check out my walking post here, where I break down the benefits, and how to fit it into your schedule.

It's a little lower quality than I'm used to, but Walking With Leslie is a great routine you can start today, even if you haven't worked out in years.

She adds some extra moves into walking in place so you don't get bored.

Leslie has tons of walk at home workouts, you can find them all on her YouTube Channel, here.

Here is an easy peasy 5 minute work out from PopSugar. This channel as a lot of different celebrities and well known fitness gurus they feature.

I like this lady, Katie Dunlop, she created Love, Sweat, Fitness, which has a nice and simple weekly workout schedule on her blog you can follow. Here is her weekly schedule, on her blog, Love Sweat Fitness.

She also has free workouts on FitOn, a forever free workout app with tons and tons of at home workouts.

This one is deceptively easy. You'll think you're just doing easy things, but by the end you're sweating buckets. At 17 minutes, you'll get a nice chuck of your daily fitness done with one video.

This one can't get any more intended for being stuck at home!

Here is another walking video, these are perfect when you have to stay inside, but still want to get your steps and fill up your Apple Watch's circles.

She helps you move around and get lots of steps. It's low impact, and it's fun too!

Another walking one, these are great for getting those steps in, and a fun way to add in extra fitness without feeling exhausted when you're done.


These are a little more difficult, but it's all body weight, so you should be able to do it. I love The Balanced Life, because as soon as I feel like maybe this was too hard of a work out for me, it's already over. They're quick, I promise, you can do it!

High Intensity Interval Training

Okay, it sounds a lot harder than it is. These are for beginners, so they aren't so difficult you'll die, I promise!

Here is a beginner's ultimate weight loss workout. You'll definitely get a good sweat on while you're doing this.

Dance / Barre Workouts

I love dance workouts, but usually they're too complicated for it to be helpful for me, these are different. Give them a try!

Workout with Children

When you're home with all your kids, it's hard to include them in workouts because they get quickly overwhelmed if it's too difficult. So here are a few you can do right now with them.

Here is another cute and fun one for kids, and you can do it with them. I love the kid ones because they have a cute little story to go with them to keep kids interested.

Cosmic Kids is the coolest for children, here is a Pokemon one, because that's what my children are obsessed with this week. 🙂

Let me know what you think about these workouts, am I missing anything? I hope these help you start out on your fitness journey during this crazy time.

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  1. These are great! I’ve always wondered what on earth a walking video would be like, but it was a lot of fun. Thank you for putting this list together.

  2. What a great list! Now that we are at home so much with the kids (in quarantine) keeping moving is a must. I’m not always able to pick up and go to the outdoor (social distanced) classes my gym has. Sometimes they are just not at the right time or it’s not a good fit where I can bring my kids. It’s so nice to have a list of good workout videos we can do at home. Thank you!

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