7+ Little Known Amazon Prime Hacks for Overwhelmed Moms

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I've always known Amazon Prime was so worth the price, but I didn't realize how perfect Amazon Prime is for overwhelmed moms.

With a little digging you can find a treasure trove of resources available to everyone, but perfect for you.

So I'm taking all the fun research I did and giving it to you, my readers. Because I think Amazon Prime has so many benefits that it's a no-brainer. We LOVE Amazon here in our house, and I think you will start to love it too, after reading this. Check it out!

7+ Little Known Amazon Prime Hacks for Overwhelmed Moms amazon prime overwhelmed mom 1 |

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First things first, you need Amazon Prime. Don't have it? No problem, click here and sign up. The first thirty days are free for everyone, so try it out today.

Prime Video

Maybe Prime Video is your jam already, and you know all about the super awesome Yoga videos, meditation, barre, dance fitness, and even stretching videos.

Or maybe you don't.

A quick search will lead you to hundreds of videos to choose from. My best advice here is to be specific. Simply saying “workout” will get you where you're going, but you'll have to sift through a lot to find what you like. For example: Search “Barre Workouts” on your phone, computer, or Fire Stick.

Best Amazon Prime Workout Videos

Here are others you can try:

  • Barre Workout
  • Dance Fitness Workout
  • Stretching Workout
  • Hiit
  • Aerobics
  • Kid's Dance Workout
  • Cardio Workout
  • Yoga
  • Power Workout
  • Weight Loss Workout
  • At Home Abs
  • Core Workout
  • 15 Minute Workout
  • Full Body Workout
  • Butt Lift

The possibilities are endless.

Access these videos here: Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video Meditation

Sometimes you need a nice relaxing video to relieve some stress at the end (or beginning) of your day.

Search on your Prime Video app to get access now, or click below to start a free trial.

Meditation has lots of health benefits, so you'll love a beginner, or guided meditation. Here are some of my favorite ways meditation helps:

  • Reduces Stress
  • Enhances Self-Awareness
  • Controls Anxiety
  • Increase Mindfulness

If you haven't given it a try, now is the perfect time.

Prime Music

Have you met my good friend, Alexa? She's great. I get her to play all my favorite music. I just say “hey Alexa, play the Frozen 2 Soundtrack” and then we sing and dance around the house together.

Not Alexa, she doesn't dance. She's just sitting patiently on my counter, waiting for someone to talk to her again.

As a perpetually overwhelmed mom, it's nice to have someone on my side, always there to tell me what time it is, set a timer for me, tell my children if Koalas are bears or marsupials. Spoiler: They're marsupials.

Ambient Noise from Amazon Music

Another really cool thing about Amazon Music and Alexa is the ambient music you can play. You can literally play ocean music or storms if that's your jam, or you can play piano music, or jazz, or classical music instead.

If your little needs noise to fall asleep, it's available right there in your Amazon Music app.

Health Books and Magazines

In today's world, even with so much information at our fingertips at any given time . . . it's nice to cuddle up with a nice book.

But your a mom. A magazine might fit your life better.

With all the clutter magazine subscriptions bring, it's a good idea to find different solutions. Enter Prime Reading.

This feature that comes with your Amazon Prime account gives you 1,000+ books and magazines completely free of charge. You won't spend a cent. You can take out ten at a time, and then switch them out when you're done with them.

I love the free magazines, because I can read through them without spending money to subscribe to them separately.

Check out Prime Reading Here.

You can see some of what is available this month below, but it might be different for you, depending on when you read this.

Several Books and magazines available now from Prime Reading included with your prime membership.

Health and Nutrition Documentaries or Shows

I couldn't believe how many I could find when I was looking through them for my mom. So many, I know I won't be able to convince her to watch them all.

Here are a few I have already watched, or I am excited to watch.

  1. Rachel Hollis – Made for More
  2. Fat-A Documentary
  3. Super-Size Me 2
  4. Organization Hacks and DIY

These are great for when you need some motivation, or you just need a break from your kids.

Amazon Echo

In order to take advantage of Alexa, you need an Echo, Dot or Echo Show. They're little cylinders with artificial intelligence that listen to your voice after you say “Alexa”, and then give you a response or perform a task based on what you say.

She can play some dinosaur songs for you (our favorite is asking her to play “the dinosaur song”, “big blue dinosaur song” and the “parasaurolophus song” . . . my son loves dinosaurs), she can tell you fun information when you say “good morning” or she can set a timer, or remind you at 8am you have a meeting.

There are also silly things like “Alexa, sing a duet with Ed Sheeran”, she can tell you Dad jokes, or you can set up routines with her to help your mornings go smoother.

Using Alexa for Your Health

I love having Alexa give me reminders. We will ask her to set timers when the kids have to read for one minute with their homework, or she can guide your through a seven minute workout, or she can read you a bedtime story. Here are a few others you might enjoy

  1. Alexa, remind me to drink water in one hour.
  2. Alexa, remind me to start laundry at 2:30pm today.
  3. Alexa, add toilet paper to my subscribe and save.
  4. Alexa, is Barnes and Noble open right now?
  5. Alexa, open a box of cats
  6. Alexa, play the piano guys
  7. Alexa, create a list called books to read
  8. Alexa, add a to-do

Related: The Ultimate List of Lists to Create When You're Overwhelmed

Subscribe and Save

I didn't know about subscribe and save until recently, but apparently, you can put all these essentials into your subscribe and save box, and save up to FIFTY percent off these brands. I thought the selection would be limited but they have a lot of the things we buy often, even my children's fluoride free toothpaste. Check out some of them below:

Deodorant Toilet Paper
Hand SoapDishwasher Detergent
Laundry DetergentPaper Towels

There really is something for everyone.

NOT ONLY do you not have to take the three kids out to the store with you and lose your mind, but you can also save money. Win/win!

Because let's face it, a good way to ruin a perfectly normal day is to take all (or any) of your children to the grocery store.

There was time in my life when I had to stop at the baby food section every single trip to the store and feed my somehow starving child. Even if I feed him in the car before we get into the store. Somehow he is SO STARVED that he's sobbing and a mess.

I'm so glad we are past that time in our lives. Whew.

Anyway, back to good feelings.

Prime Now

I care about your sanity. And I know if you forgot to get more avocados, your child will actually fall over and immediately starve the second they find out.

This is why we have Prime Now. So go ahead, see if they have it in your area. You won't regret it.

And if they don't, you go to Walmart and you let them put all your groceries in your car for you while you have Moana playing in the car's rear seat TV.

Everyone Needs Amazon Prime

I don't agree that everyone ever needs Prime, but if you have the money for it, and you're looking for some things to help you be the best you possible, try Amazon Prime and see if it helps. They have a 30 day trial, so if you don't love it, just cancel.

Here is the link to sign up for Amazon Prime's free 30 Day Trial

And lastly, if you love this content, and want to see more like it, subscribe to my newsletter to receive all of my best tips and advice about dealing with life as an overwhelmed mom:

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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  1. I had no idea that you could get so much and I have prime! Thank you

    1. Yes! Isn’t it amazing? Researching this post was so fun, because I found so many things I didn’t already know. I was really surprised about the magazines and rotating collection of free books from Prime Reading!

  2. I’ve been a Prime member for YEARS and never knew about most of these. I’ve been missing out!

  3. Thank you! I do have Prime and love it. I enjoy Prime Watch and I do have an Echo, which is pretty cool.

  4. Thank you! I do have Prime and love it. I enjoy Prime Watch and I do have an Echo, which is pretty cool.

  5. Jessica Collazo says:

    Amazon Echo is a live changer. I love it. It helps a lot.

  6. Oh wow! I had no idea that you can get so much. I am going to weigh the options with my husband and see if we can swing it! I love to read and having some free mags to read with some recipes would be super delightful.

  7. I LOVE Amazon Prime and Prime Now, and totally forgot you could get workout videos. Brilliant! Thanks for these great reminders!

    1. You are blowing my mind! I didn’t know that you could get so much from Amazon Prime. I hope this applies to international accounts too, I’ll check mine now.

  8. There is so much that you get with Amazon Prime. I like to read the kindle books as well as the magazines. There’s a great range.

  9. I have definitely used some of these like the prime reading and the workout videos and documentaries and of course subscribe and save. I definitely need to start taking advantage of the music and meditations!

  10. We LOVE Amazon Prime, but I didn’t realize how many things I haven’t been using! I’ll definitely be checking some of these out in the coming weeks.

  11. I love amazon they legit have everything, I basically use them for everything. thanks for sharing this. so helpful.

  12. Kimberlie says:

    My son is obsessed with our Echo. I feel sorry for poor Alexa having to play Dinosaur Stomp by Mother Goose Club over rare and over.

  13. Okay, I’ve had Amazon Prime forever and had no clue. I NEED these! Thank you for telling us all about all of these features!!!!! Saving this post!

  14. I’m here in Germany and have Amazon Prime and all I can say is WOW I never even thought to look up things like fitness and meditation videos! (We tend to use Prime most for free delivery 😉 ). Anyway, thanks for all these great ideas! Will be pinning…

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  17. I’ve been loving Prime and Alexa! I really need to use Amazon Music more. I’d also like to see if there’s a way I can listen to podcasts through the echo.

  18. Oh I had no idea about all of these! So excited to try out the workouts now! I definitely use reading and it’s been amazing to read books I don’t have to buy for free!

  19. I didn’t realize you could get access to Amazon Prime Reading with an Amazon Prime account! I definitely have to get an Echo.

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    Amazon has been a life-saver for me, and I’m not a mom! It’s such a helpful resource for so many reasons, and I discovered a few new uses for it thanks to this post!

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  23. Thank you! I *thought* I was using my prime membership to its full advantage, but after reading your post, I am clearly missing out on some things. Pinning for reference.

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    omg I had no idea Prime did magazines or workout videos! This is a game changer. Thanks for the tips!

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    love this topic! every single one of them is such an important information. Thanks so much for sharing

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    I like to try the Dance fitness workout. I loved to dance when I was younger and I think a fitness workout incorporated with dance will be something I would stick to every day.

  27. A nice topic I’ am sure all Amazon shoppers would love these ideas and it help a lot thanks for sharing!

  28. A nice topic I’ am sure all Amazon shoppers would love these ideas and it help a lot thanks for sharing!

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  33. Good information. I had no idea about all these. thanks for posting.

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  35. I love that on amazon you can shop specifically for your target like typing in mom food ect. It’s a god send!

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